What Should You Watch About Marketing Trends in 2018?

Marketing trend is not a new definition, but it is extremely important to influence your business in a new year. What are you going to do in 2018?


2018 is coming very close. We know that all business owners have to make a plan and promote a campaign for Christmas Eve – one of the biggest holidays in a year. However, they should not miss out the marketing trends in the next year. In general, these trends will be changed year by year.

As a wise business owner, you also need to identify some upcoming trends to undertake many wise strategies and get the right investments as well. Here are a few trends that we probably forecast for a new year.

Marketing content is still a king

The good news is you can use marketing content to introduce new product or service when launching new things.

8 Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing That You Should Not Miss Out on Your Businesses

With the Facebook marketing, you enable to know more about your customers: how they feel, what will they do, what do they like and love, where do they get relaxed, etc.


Although there are several social media platforms available that every business can choose from, there is no doubt that Facebook marketing is a key role in their success in reaching out targeted audiences. Here are a few benefits which your business still needs to add Facebook marketing to your promotion campaign.

#1 –Get targeted customers and prospects 

In fact, lots of advertising campaigns are made for targeted audiences. Marketers enable to adjust some main points about the Facebook Manager on the company’s Facebook page before running an advertising campaign such as the geography, the age, the gender, etc.

Also, they can use the Facebook Custom Audience Tool to support them upload many lists of client contacts. This is a great idea for all businesses which have a few hundred contacts or large enterprises with thousands of persons like email addresses, UUIDs, phone numbers, and so on.

#2 – Identify user’s behavior

If you do not understand your patrons, how could you treat them well? Do not use the random method to reach your clients because you will lose customers in one day to your competitors. What’s more, your customers are smarter and get much information than in the 1990s or less.

How To Find Customers With Mobile Marketing?

All businesses nowadays do not only want to increase their sales but also love to gain more customers. Here’s how to find customers with mobile marketing.

Each business owner has to struggle hard to find their customers, but with a mobile device, you will be able to send your marketing messages to where the eyeballs are mostly focused on. That speaks to how important mobile devices have turned out to be in human lives. It owns a special ability to link your target market to your products and services.

So what we want to bring here are the coolest ways to find customers with mobile marketing and grow your brand! It primarily involves pulling the others toward your message that might help your efforts and time quite a lot:

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Enhance Sales and Engagement

Does your company have a mobile marketing strategy yet? If not, our 5 essential strategies today will help to push your business sales to the next level.

Learn mobile strategies for driving more mobile conversion
As we see, mobile marketing now has become an essential part of doing your online business, but what types of strategies would you be in? Aside from owning a mobile-optimized site, which one will be the most likely to boost your experience? Here, we’ll bring you a short look at the most effective mobile marketing strategies to enhance sales and engagement.

How to Measure the Right ROI in Influence Marketing

Make the right influence marketing is a difficult task and measure the right ROI rate is a complex challenge. So, this is the time to find out how to measure it right now.


Currently, use the first persons reach a social network is very new for commercializing. On the one hand, to be compatible with the effectiveness of other digital marketing efforts, marketing influencers need the right and the standard measurement. So, how to plan the influencer marketing and how to measure the effective ROI rate?

#1 – Get the right goals and rank them in order of the priority

The first step in measuring an influencer marketing program is to examine the objectives carefully. Use a funnel model for your business and assess how influencers can impact this model.

For example, if you are running a retail chain that does not sell online, then you may consider using influencers to influence the characteristics of the hopper like brand awareness at the bottom of the funnel as store visits. In this example, store visits will bring high value, but it is difficult to implement.

Best SEO Companies and Services on the Current Market

Ask your family, friends, and other business owners to find and select the best SEO Company to track your digital marketing plan. Also, you should read some reviews from other customers to make a final decision.


Today, the rules of online marketing have been changed. If you do not have enough time to be aware of those changes, then you should find the best SEO Company or online marketing agency.

Professionals change your marketing plan and follow the latest changes in the market appropriately.Here are a few SEO service agencies you can read and consider for your company to follow a specific plan.

Best SEO companies on the current market that you may come across 

Straight North 

Website: www.straightnorth.com
Straight North is a reliable company if you want to keep up with your online marketing strategy for the right direction.


Local SEO is referred to as a form of ranking optimization on a number of keywords related to a particular locality or territory.
Local SEO is a form of ranking optimization
After many questions have been raised about how Google determines the ranking of a business on a Local Map search result, Google has finally released an official guide on ranking local for all webmasters. Also, they explained more clearly this question.


If you understand thoroughly the nature of influencer marketing and some common mistakes? Let’s follow this article!

Nowadays, the Internet is growing so fast. Social media is becoming more diversified, leading to the advent of a range of PR technologies. It is the case for a movie premieres, people criticize it bad, but why do many people still go to see? Did you know that the film group distributed 100 free VIP tickets for "Influencers"?

A saying of celebrities will create powerful interactive effects through social networks, which are much more valuable than regular advertising. The term "Influencer Marketing" also comes from here.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that uses influencers to send brand messages to the market. Instead of advertising directly to a group of customers, you will inspire and pay the influencer to help you do that. Influencers will spread their voices through social media channels either by compiled labels or by their own words.

The dawn of the micro-influencers

Formerly, brands and businesses often work with influencers such as famous singers, actors or models (Star A) to be brand ambassadors or advertisers for TV and media products. . However, young customers have changed with the rise of social networking. Marketing trends around the world have turned into a new "influencer marketing" model, which I call "micro-influencer" marketing or advertising with micro-influencers.