How to Recognize Content Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Content marketing is an important ingredient in your promoting campaigns. It could be a joke when you do not invest in this part seriously!

Imagine that you want to enjoy the pasta in a restaurant or a food court only. You want to remember the taste of that dish, so you take it to relish instantly. Oh boy, the dish is not good then you may think. It lacks some ingredients to make the true pasta. At that time, the guilty time is coming to your mind.

The new era of Native Advertising

In digital marketing industry, there are four prominent pillars which are solidified by their long-term presence, which include: display ads, video ads, social ads and native advertising.

According to the report from Salesforce, enclosing 4000 marketers, video ads and native ads have emerged as the third most efficient publishing strategies. 90% of total advertising revenue of Daily Beast is attributed to native advertising. Despite being a relatively new trend for branding and publishing, native ads and its growth in a number of native advertising platforms have played an essential role in most major marketing’s repository. There are more and more publisher and advertiser refusing to comply with the standards of traditional media and willing to spend millions of dollars in developing the most efficient advertising platforms of their own.

Protect Your Content – A Challenge Path to Overcome!

Creating your content is hard, and it is more difficult to protect your online content in a large pool these days! How to do it?

You have amazing content marketing, and you publish to your blog or your website. One sunshine day, you find out your online content also appeared on another website. Even if the content has passed the Google bots, you can recognize the content is yours.

Update New Digital Marketing Trends in This Season

Digital marketing trends often change that you should update on a regular basis. If not, you will leave behind the game!

Most digital marketer often knows that they should update new trends in this industry as this is the obvious thing in their job. However, for those who do not work as a marketer, it is hard to know the latest trends in the digital marketing when they want to do marketing online strategy. If you are on this track, you are lucky to come to the right place. I will make a brief to help you stand out!

11 Useful Ways to Create Your Wondeful Instagram Marketing Campaign

As far as you may know, Instagram can be your meaningful opportunity if you want to engage more with your existing customers or generate your new customers. In fact, 86% of the total top brands in the world have adopted their own Instagram strategies. However, there are a lot of organizations which have not yet started their marketing campaign with this application.

Below are 11 interesting tips you may want to try to succeed in your Instagram marketing campaign.

1. Choose the right time to launch your campaign

We should all agree that time can be the most important factor in our lives. So, you should not launch an Instagram campaign if the timing may be not aligned with your company goals and plans.

Content Marketing In 2018: Trends For Success

“Content marketing is there to stay in 2018. Update the latest trends to follow this year to keep up with the race”

Content is a strategic asset that has survived the test of time and will thrive in a foreseeable future.  As technology changes, the trends that that boost content marketing to its current position are evolving and renewing themselves and unless brands adapt and stay on top of the newest, their effort to keep digital engagement will fall flat. Here we will give you quick up-to-date trends so that you can come up with the shiniest strategies for your brands:

Videos will take content marketing by storm

In terms of potential reach, videos are beyond compare. Videos were expected to be huge in 2017 and this trend will be dominant in 2018 to come. The two star players now are YouTube and Facebook. HubSpot did an extensive research last year to point out the vital role that videos play in content marketing, some of the takeaways are: 48% of marketers have already planned to go for videos in the following year, which means 2018, and 46% will launch their videos on Facebook (They are doing it right now as we speak).  Axonn even claims that 7 out of 10 people have a positive feeling towards brands after watching videos from them.

Native Advertising Works Like Magic With These Platforms

“Find out the star players in native advertising right now to innovate the way you launch your advertisements”

Native advertising is now the world’s fastest growing media channel. The reasons behind this soar of popularity are well-documented: a disappointment in traditional banner click-through rate, print ads’ revenue’s declination, and the growing need for ad blockers.

This is when native advertising comes into play: a less intrusive and well-matched with the form of users’ experience. Hearst Publishing, a star player which boasts 300 magazine titles, reveals that Harper’s Bazaar achieved an impressive click-through rate of 1.5%, with native advertising, in comparison with traditional ads’ 0.1%, which is a phenomenal uplift.

Try these excellent ways and see the impact on your content marketing team

In this article, we will explain the reason you need to engage with experts specialized in subject matters outside the typical sphere. Frankly, it is the best way for you to keep the marketing authentic and generate many fresh ideas.

You may agree that brand publishing operates in the same way. Let's see when marketers are focused much on ROI and you may over-rely on the performance data which can be flawed.

Three Popular Types Of Content Marketing

What do you know about content marketing? How to have a good content marketing? Keep reading my today article.


Content marketing has become a helpful source in our modern technology in recent years. However, not many people know how to conduct this field successfully. At present, there are 3 main sources of content making: Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. My today article will help you insight into this aspect.

3 Most Popular Content Marketing

Though lots of users are still bewildered about content marketing and what it is really and most people cannot recognize they are using it on a daily basis. Please notice that some social media structures allow you to add these effects like cartoon characters or camera filters to your content on various channels.

When we have a conversation about look motor optimization, most individuals think of Google. Be that as it may, when we think of it from a substance promoting a point of view, there are three look motors. Substance comes in numerous shapes - composed, sound, picture, and video - and because of this, we got to think approximately and optimize for numerous look engines. What are the three look motors for substance marketers? Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.

1. Google

We all know Google is crucial to SEO and substance showcasing. Each blog post or site page that’s made ought to be completely optimized so that it’s less demanding for it to be slithered, recorded and positioned. The simpler we make it for Google, the more activity we ideally get to the content. Google’s look motor has different parts.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Micro Influencers Campaign

“Find out about how to run a micro influencer marketing campaign with the collaboration of people who have better engagement than those with a massive following”

You have a product or service that outweighs most competitors on the market? Great, but if no one knows about it, it won’t boost your sales.  According to Deloitte, 81% of online shoppers look for reviews and ratings from other customers before deciding on whether to purchase or not.

Endorsements work but if you want to tap into the power of online communities, you may want to dip your toe in influencer marketing. Folks with millions of followers on social media might be the first thing that pops up in your mind right now but the more followers they have, the less connected they and their fans are. Human connection is vital in some sectors and if you know how to use it, you can boost sales tremendously.