Interesting Ways to Build a Custom Facebook Home Page

Interesting Ways to Build a Custom Facebook Home Page
Facebook, the most popular social media website has come up with a variety of exciting features that has enabled the users to customize their profiles accordingly. The newly available features has made using Facebook in an easier and safer way. Are you tired of the same boring Facebook page and want to changes to it? If so then the points below can help you to make some changes according to your convenience. The tips below will help you to make changes to your home page thus customizing your home page as per your requirements.

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The tips below will help you to build a custom Facebook homepage:

Hiding Updates of Specific People:

If you do not wish to see the updates of specific person you can do it very easily. Just by clicking on the arrow beside their post you can un-follow the person and choose to opt out from future updates of the individual. Again you can hide or spam some specific posts and thus make your home page free from the updates of your not so known friends.

Grouping Your Friends:

You can group your friends so that you can see some particular updates of your close friends rather than viewing the updates of all the people in your friend list. You can create filtered views as well as share stuff with this group of friends rather than sharing it with all the people in the Facebook. Creating filtered views of the friend lists like Best Friends, work friends and adding people to it will help you to see the updates from this specific group of people.

Choosing the Default Home Page Filter:

Once you have your own friend list you can drag it to the News Feed on the left of your page and change the default stream that you see. So you can change the default News Feed and make it according to your own choice. So from now on your home page will have the updates from the most special people in your life.

Social Fixer: The Best Add On to Customize the Home Page

The in built customization features of the Facebook is sometimes very boring to some people. Now you can customize your Facebook home page to a great extent with the help of an add on called Social Fixer. It is one such add on that can help you to make a lot of changes to your existing home page and to your Facebook profile.

The add on or the plug in tool can be installed in any browser like Google chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc that can help you to make a lot of changes. To build a custom Facebook homepage you need to take the help of this add on which will provide you the following benefits:

  • Hide the content that you do not wish to see
  • Can filter your existing Newsfeed with the help of keyword, author or any other option
  • Will not show you posts that you have already read
  • Add some style to your existing profile with the help of some custom themes
  • Automatically switch to the most recent News Feed that you have not read
  • The tabbed news feed can easily organize posts by the games, apps etc.

In this way you can install the add on or follow the above written steps to customize your home page as per your requirements. There are applications available which can also help you to customize your home page as per your wish. So it’s time for you to get rid of the same old boring page and make the necessary changes as you like to build a custom Facebook homepage.