How to login to multiple Facebook Account At a Time

Facebook is a popular name that every youth is familiar with. With the advent of internet technology several websites have been built for meeting different needs of people starting from business to something that bring people at distant places close to each other. In this respect Facebook is a highly popular social networking website where people specially teenagers spend most of their time interacting with friends and peers. Though, there are many social networking sites, among them only Facebook became successful to caste its magic on the users located globally. It has become so much compulsory that now every other person owns an account in Facebook.

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Humans are social beings. They love to reside among company of others like them. In the early days when the communication and transportation were not so widespread, people had no option to meet their closed ones. Now the situation has changed to a great extent. People have become literate enough to run computers through which they maintain communication link among others. Facebook has made it possible to bring together old memories to reality. Now, people having an account with Facebook can invite friends and can interact easily as if both of them are seating face to face of one another. Further, it provides options to share videos and pictures with friends and peers quite easily. In a word, it has given a new life to those who otherwise would have been left in solitaire.

How to login to multiple Facebook Account At a Time

If you are a Facebook fan too and want to access multiple accounts on Facebook at a time to have a better connectivity with your friends and peers then you needn’t to worry as there is a solution for that. Check out the tricks and tips to login to multiple Facebook account at a time:


A web browser generally allows login permission to a single user account at a time. If one tries to open different account on the same browser and on the machine having similar IP address then similar account gets opened twice. Still, such a problem has its way which allows login to multiple Facebook account at the same time from same system.

How to login to multiple Facebook Account At a Time

Tricks and Tips to Access Multiple Accounts:

  • Initially you need to have a browser installed on your system that may be Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Thereafter enter into user account window by providing username and the password.
  • In the next step, to open a separate account you need to open a private window from the menu bar of the browser settings.
  • Now, a new window opens where it is possible for you to open a new user account different from the one that you have already opened earlier.
  • For Google chrome one can use the 'New Incognito' option to gain access into the private window where login information entered will be treated like a new and separate one from the others already entered.

The Takeaway

In this multitasking world there is no time for relaxation. Everyone is running like horses on race track pointing towards respective destinations. Opening separate accounts from a single browser window on a particular window allows you to gain access to different accounts and in managing the same effectively. It is mainly used by a person maintaining work groups for distinguished organizations. Ways to login to multiple Facebook account is not only meant for this social networking site but rather it is meant for any other tasks that needs to be done concurrently without any delay.