How To Make a Facebook Business Page With Tips

How To Make a Facebook Business Page not hard but with Tips and tricks it will give better success, So for this today we are sharing with best tricks on How to setup or making a Facebook Business Page with tips and tricks for build for effective business, We was share many article on this topic, Facebook is a biggest platform for online marketing, Now here many big companies are promoting there business on this social site, Now its not a only adding friends or simple chat social site, Now its a something advance, People using this for php and for many apps, But its also very effective place for online business, If you wanna promote online your business or your product than first must know all tips for create best Facebook Business page,

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What is Difference in Facebook Business and Community Page

First, according to topic we just share with you what is difference about community or culture and business page, Actually, both are same, but business required more information, Because it's connected to your business, Its required Phone Number, your company's address and full information about your company. Community or culture is very easy to setup up, because it's not required more information,

Choose Right Keyword For Your Business page

It's also important, First you must know what is your Goal, and what's the best name of for your product for use online business, My means are using keyword for your business page, If your business is related to, Rajasthan travel or hotel management or tour package of Rajasthan, then you can use your page name is Rajasthan Tourism, it's better for your product marketing, You must use best keyword related vanity URL, always trying to get the same name URL of your page. You can visit for our best tutorial on

Creating a business page on Facebook

  • First you set up a business page using Facebook,
  • You must first go to Create Page option.
  • How To Make a Facebook Business Page with Tips image picture
  • Now Click on First Box Local Business or Place.
  • Just Choose business on Facebook
  • Local Business or Place
  • How To Make a Facebook Business Page with Tips image picture
  • Choose your category like an Airport Bar or any.
  • Fill your Address of your company or any for contact.
  • You must add Local street address for your product.
  • Add city and your state with zip code,
  • Add your phone number and check on I agree.
  • Now click on Get started.
  • After then you will see new next step for fill up.
  • Add your Page information,
  • Add your site and other links Now save the info.
  • Then add a tour Profile Picture and save it.
  • Now just share something there.