How To Make A Facebook Page with easy steps

How To Make A Facebook Page with easy steps many new user don't know so today we are share with you simple tricks for how to make a Facebook page with complete steps, If you wanna create a Facebook page, Actually many people don't know about this, Its very simple but many new user don't know this, Now time is social site, Every day million people are connecting to many social site there are many social site like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and many more, All site are always updating there features or method for give best to there user, So we are trying to share latest updated method for this, You can create many type pages on Facebook like Local business or place Artist, band, or public figure, Brand or product, Company, organization, Cause of community, institution and Entertainment.

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Creating Page Than Choose The Right Category

Before you are starting to make a Facebook page first you must decide which type, category you must choose, or which is better for you, When you create this you will get one step for category also, There you will see many categories like business and community, If are you creating pages for your business than you must choose business category, If are you wanna share something about your or funny picture sms, or any then choose a community.

How to Make a page on Facebook with Easy steps

I am sharing you all steps with cool and help full, screen shot, Just follow all you will do it, Before you start this you must decide which type is better for you, If are you creating this for your product, Means promote you wanna promote your business through page then choose business category if you wanna only for fun than use community option.

1 First, you must Go to Official link to Create Fan Page
  • After This you will see Six Category below
  • Local business or place (Only For Business like Bar, Airport, Bookstore, doctor)
  • Artist, band, or public figure (It's for Author, Chief, Pet, Artist, Dancer and like this type)
  • Company, organization, or institution (Its four Cause, Chemical and Education type)
  • Entertainment (all about entertainment like video, Book, bookstore and this type)
  • Brand or product (For Your Brand like, Car, Bus, Toys, and of this type)
  • Cause of community (It's for all about Community and culture Mostly people using This)
  • Just select any required CategoryAnd Fill Your Name and click Agree and Start

2 Set up About Information for Make Facebook Page

  • Just add there right and related Description.
  • Add your site if you have, You can add a twitter link also.
  • Now just setup URL or Address.
  • If you get your URL, then Click on Save Info.
How To Make A Facebook Page image photo

3 Adding Page Image for Make Facebook Page

  • After then you will see like below image,
  • Just add your Image, Just upload or chose from the album.
  • You can Skip it if you not now any better image.
  • Now Click on Save Info
How To Make A Facebook Page image photo

4 Now you will see add to favorite option in Make Facebook Page

  • If you wanna add your Facebook fan page to your favorite list.
  • Then just add it, It will give you more likes.
  • Now save the info

5 Add Payment Method Option for Make Facebook Page

  • After saving info you will see like below image.
  • If you wanna boost your page, then you buy likes,
  • If you are interested in buy like than skip it.

6 Now it is Ready Give First Like for Make Facebook Page

  • After all steps, now you must like first,
  • You will see some information For This,
  • This information may help for you, read all

7 Upload a Page Cover and share For Make Facebook Page

  • Now simply Upload a Page cover.
  • After upload Cover shares something on your page.
  • Share on your wall and say for like to your friends.

Final Words for Make Facebook Page

I think now I am clear about how to make a Facebook page, If you have any question about our this simple tutorial you can comment below, We was share with you big lines of Facebook, how to guide, Our how to guide really so liked by people, If you need any more about Facebook tips and tricks, you can comment below, Thanks for visit our blog.

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