Discover tricks and tips that you did not know existed on Facebook

Discover tricks and tips that you did not know existed on Facebook
The digital age has virtually changed the way people do things. The social media has made people’s life better. Not only can you advertise a business or service on Facebook, but interaction and sharing has improved a lot. In fact, there are innumerable features and capabilities that you may not know existed. Discover some tricks and tips and start using them today.

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Facebook Safety Check

A new tool, the Facebook Safety Check functionality, has improved your safety. After activating the tool, Facebook actually checks your whereabouts. If you happen to be in an area affected by a natural disaster such as floods, wildfires, typhoons, cyclones, etc, Facebook asks you if you are safe.

Facebook looks at the city that you chose as your home to determine if your location is in an affected zone. Similarly, it looks at the city where your server says you are. This tip is very essential as it could save lives and lessen the destruction to property. If it notifies you when are out of danger, you can click on “I’m Safe,” to tell your friends that you are not in danger.

Check on friends

Similarly, if your friends in danger zones have activated the safety check tool on their profiles, the tool notifies you on their conditions- whether safe or not. As they are also able to mark if they are safe, you can follow up on those who have not responded on phone. Evidently, the trick brings you unmatched connection to friends and family. In addition, knowing that they are safe you unrivalled peace of mind.

Save links to friends’ posts

When you do not have time to read a person’s post about an interesting story, you can save the link or entertainment page to read later. This saves you the hassle of having to scroll down a friend’s news feed in search of his post. Simply click on the “Download” icon on friend’s post then choose “Save.” Later, you can open the “Saved” pages and catch up on the stories.

Hide your 'online' status

If some friends who keep on sending undesirable messages to your Facebook inbox bother you, you could deal with them without necessarily unfriending them. Simply click on the gear icon on your messenger chat then choose “Advance Settings.” Here, you can manage which friends can or cannot see you when online

Special friends

There is a feature that allows you to get notifications when special friends and close family friends post something online. From your entire list of Facebook friends, you can choose a special category of people such as your spouse, children, brothers, and workmates. Click a friend’s icon upon which a drop down menu appears and then select “Get Notifications.” When that friend posts anything, Facebook sends you a notification in a red bubble. It is easy to turn it off in case you feel their posts are too many or irrelevant.

Hide profile photo

Discover tricks and tips that you did not know existed on FacebookIf you do not want people checking out your profile pictures, go to Albums then Profile Pictures. From there, click on your present profile picture and click on the “Only Me” icon. This effectively prevents undesirable friends such as stalkers from viewing your profile pictures.

There are many other tricks, including the possibility to make a custom title and description facebook link. While Facebook allows most of these tips and tricks, some hacks could be illegal. Therefore, ensure whatever you are doing is acceptable and does not interfere with the privacy or freedoms of other Facebook users.