Tips And Tricks To Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat

Facebook has become one of the largest growing online social networking sites since its beginning in 2004. The simple reason behind such popularity is the availability made by the site to open up your own account and befriend anyone from a long lost friend to a stranger across the world. It is nowadays a common strategy to add more and more number of friends to grow one’s popular influence in the site. However, with that comes the offer or in some cases an obligation to interact with one another. But the truth is chatting online is not everyone’s first priority when opening their account. Many of the users use it to remain updated with latest happenings around the world and also to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Tips And Tricks To Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat

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So, do you get irritated at times when someone tries to start up a conversation seeing you online in the Facebook chat box? Do not worry, here comes the solution. Facebook provides its users with an option to go offline and to disable seen option in the Facebook chat box even when they are logged in.

1. Where to Locate the “Turn Off” or "Disable Option" in the Chat?

Facebook has got its option in the right hand corner of the chat box, below the list of online friends. Just click option sign button below and you get offer to "Turn – Off Chat", along with "Hide Sidebar", and "Close All Chat Tabs".

Just click on to the Turn-off Chat option and within a second you get offline without anyone knowing that you are still available on the chat.

2. When You Could Use the "Turn Off" Option?

Tricks To Avoid People On Chat:

If answering to people simultaneously through chat is not your cup of tea, you could get rid off or avoid them for sometime by turning the "Turn Off" option.

Use it when you need to avoid being bothered online or when you are bugged constantly online.

If you want to be noticed by some of your friends or a specific friend then you, also get the option to click "Turn off chat for all friends except....", where you only need to specify the name(s) of the person(s) and Facebook will show your availability in the chat box only to those friends.

Tip: Use it when you need to maintain your privacy with a dear/beloved one

Tricks For Not Getting Noticed By People:

If you do not want to be noticed by a specific friend or friends you can even show your availability status to all except to that specified person or group.

Facebook, in that case, offers you the option to "Turn off chat for only some friends" by clicking which you have to register the name(s) of the person(s) and you will be shown unavailable in the Facebook chat box.

Tip: Use it when you need to avoid a situation which could drag you into a verbal fight.

Of course, befriending people is a vital factor influencing Facebook’s stronghold in the social media platform. But, though Facebook gives you a chance to popularise yourself through constant exposure via self made pages to attract friends, families and most importantly the fans, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all.

So, don’t worry about being bugged next time online by any unwanted friend of group, remember you can always rely on the "Turn Off Chat" option. The given tricks and tips will be highly helpful for you to disable seen option in Facebook chat.