How to get status update notification from favorite pages

How to get status update notification from favorite pages
We all have favorite pages on facebook that we like to keep up with their updates. However, did you know that we only get less than 20% of their updates on our News Feed? Yah that is true, unless you search the page and once you find it you scroll from the top to bottom in order to read all their recent updates.

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On a more encouraging note you should not worry because in 2012 facebook came up with a way to solve this. There are various ways to ensure you get notification when your favorite page updates their wall.

· Option 1

This first option is very simple you only need to follow the following steps.

1) The first step is to find the page and like. There are various ways to find a page you want e.g. searching for it on the search bar, people recommending it for you and lastly there are various pages that buy advertising space on facebook and what you are looking for can easily be among them

2) The second step is to continue hovering over the " Like " button until the drop down menu appears, select " Get Notifications " which is normally the first option on the drop menu. If somehow you are having trouble in hovering over the " Like " option you can the following.
  • Open the page first.
  • On the bottom right corner of the cover photo you will see " Liked " just after that word you will see the option to open the drop menu.
3) Repeat the same for all your favorite pages and you will receive a notification any time they update their page. Note that the notification will come in the normal way as other facebook notifications.

· Option 2

The second option is to download an app. You should follow the following steps.

Go to on the right corner of the page you will see an option " Go to Application " click on that.

It will then redirect you to your facebook page where it will ask for permission to gain access to your liked pages.

After you grant the permission you will again be asked to type your email address and or phone number.

The last step is Add /Edit the pages you like and then click OK. The best part about using this app is that you get notifications even on your phone as text messages. This is good because your able to keep up with updates even when your offline.
  • However it is important to know that this app is free only for the trial period of 30 days after which you will be required to upgrade.
Importance of getting notifications from favorite pages

It helps you to avoid important announcements that may concern you. With the increased popularity of facebook some companies make their important announcements on facebook and so without getting notifications it is easy to miss them

Notifications are very important in helping you remember things that might have slipped your mind. It might take only a notification from that page to help you remember something concerning it example that tax you have not filed yet.