Leveraging on Facebook's Fan Page

Leveraging on Facebook's Fan Page
Many a times, We find ourselves bewildered when it comes to converting our personal profiles on Facebook to a fan pages, deep inside we are not even convinced enough to undertake this task, Any person willing to take his/her business to the next level should convert Facebook account to a fan page, it is a major decision since once undertaken, it can never be redone meaning the switch becomes permanent, hence, it becomes vital to rethink it over and over again.

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Most people use their personal accounts for commercial services which are contrary to Facebook's user agreement; violation of this rule has dire consequences of losing your account completely. Why risk? To shed light on this issue, there are merits and demerits of associated with converting personal account to a fan page.


  1. Fans- By choosing to migrate, all your friends will become your fans, it’s not like starting a new page from scratch where you have to engage effort and great deals of time to win fans.
  2. Branding- When you convert Facebook account to a fan page, you become unique in your own way therefore creating a brand for your goods and services.
  3. Offers- There are certain offers given by Facebook to fan page users, they include a strategy of using links to drive traffic to their sites.
  4. Cost friendly marketing-When you leverage on the power of a fan page, you spend less while still maintaining your professional background and getting as much clients as possible.
  5. Understanding your Customers- In any market, it is always prudent to know your clients, Often, Facebook gives you the much needed insights about your customers such as age, their geographical locations and gender. This will aid you in serving them better.


  1. No chatting- Once you make the switch, you can no longer enjoy the chatting option provided to a personal account hence you don't engage with your clients.
  2. No friends-By migrating, all your buddies and close associates become your fans.
  3. Profile information- you always run the risk of losing your personal profile information, photos and videos. You should be careful to save it before making the transfer.
With this information, one can make an informed decision on whether to switch or not, there are certain cases that demand you build a fan page right from scratch; it all depends with the requirements and it upon the business owner to evaluate and make a wise choice.

How To Convert Facebook Account To Fan Page

First and foremost before making the switch, it is vital to download all the videos, photos and messages and keep them safely, then appoint new admins for any groups that you manage. This is important to avoid losing any information that you may need for future reference. Once you are through, Facebook will transfer your profile picture and your friends as fans on the page created, as well as put your username as page name, if you are not comfortable with the name; create another page.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Go to page migration on Facebook profile
  2. You will be prompted to choose the category
  3. Be specific on the category and fill out the info as required
  4. Get started by following the given instructions.
By now, you can comfortably convert Facebook account to fan page.