How to manage your timeline and tagging in Facebook?

Sometimes that someone tags you and posts something in your timeline make you uncomfortable. And you want to manage them before they appear in your timeline. The instructions below will make your demand:

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Step 1:

Click left mouse on the icon  at the right corner of your facebook page

Step 2:

Choose Settings items from the menu that appears then:

Step 3:

Next click on Timeline and tagging

Step 4:

After click on Timeline and tagging, there are many selections for you such as "Who can add things to your timeline, Who can see anythings on your timeline.. If you want to block someone from writing in your timeline click edit and choose disabled from Who can post things to your timeline sections as picture below

If  you want to check your photo,status tagged by someone before they appears in your timeline click Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook and select Enabled, if not click disabled