Securely login to Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. Being that, makes it a rather attractive target for hackers and malware writers to attack. This article will tell you how to sign up for and create a Facebook account and show you how to sign in or login to Facebook securely.

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Facebook Sign up

Creating a new Facebook account is a pretty simple and a straight job. visit home page and enter the required details like your name, email ID and password. Also select your sex and birth date from the drop-down menu. Click on Sign up. That’s it!

facebook sign up Facebook Sign In: How to securely login to Facebook

You will receive an email ID. You will have to click on the link to confirm your email ID. Once done, you will be all ready to login to you Facebook account and start using it.

Facebook Login

It is always recommended that you create a strong password for logging in to your Facebook account. The next wave of malware to infect you may well be from the social networking sites. Already Facebook users are facing so many security issues and a strong password can be your first line of defense.

I also suggest that you enable HTTPS log in for Facebook from your Account Settings and use to log in to it.

How to securely login to Facebook

If you are travelling and do not access to your own computer, when accessing Facebook from a public computer, you can request for a one-time Facebook password. You can request for a disposable or temporary password, while on the go.

To do so you have to first register your mobile phone with Facebook. You can do so via your Settings here.

facebook mobile pw Facebook Sign In: How to securely login to Facebook

Once you have done it, simply text “otp” and send to 32665. From there, Facebook will immediately reply via SMS with a temporary password that can only be used once. The temporary password is only valid for the first 20 minutes after receiving the text message from Facebook.

In the interest of safety and security, you might also want to consider activating your Facebook login notifications from your Account Settings.

Reset Facebook password

If you cannot remember your login email address or password, you can click on the Forgot Password / Cannot Remember Password link which appears, thereafter.

reset facebook Facebook Sign In: How to securely login to Facebook

To reset your Facebook password, go here.

Facebook Sign out or Log out

The option to log out of your Facebook account is located in the Account drop-down menu. Simply click on Account in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and select the Logout option.

facebook log out Facebook Sign In: How to securely login to Facebook

If you are facing issues in signing in to your Facebook account, you get can get more support and help here.

You can also secure your Facebook accounts and harden your Facebook security settings by using any of these Security Applications like Norton Safe Web, BitDefender Safego, Defensio for Facebook or ReclaimPrivacy. Check this, if you want to configure Facebook Privacy Settings.

Happy networking!

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