Tips and tricks to customize Facebook colors and fonts

Tips and tricks to customize Facebook colors and fonts
Color texts are always pleasing to the eye of the viewer. This is especially true with Facebook’s connections, if your friends posts any update it gets into your newsfeed. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of Facebook friends, it sometimes impossible for your status to be seen by all friends. For instance, if you have more than 400 friends, you could update your status maybe two times a day. If all your friends update their status it means that each user could get around 800 posts into their newsfeed.

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It is usually impossible to read each status update. You therefore have to ensure that you write in a distinct way so that people can be attracted to reading your content. One way to do this is to write using a different font style and use a different font color. This will definitely attract the viewers.

Writing in different font styles and using different colors will catch the eyes of your viewers and friends. This is the main advantage to these styles of writing. You can do this by customizing your posts before posting them. This will attract great attention to your status. The more attention your status has, the more likes and comments.

Tips and tricks to customize Facebook colors and fonts

Apart from customizing your own posts, you can also customize Facebook by changing your page’s colors and fonts. This will make your experience with Facebook quite enjoyable. You will no longer get bored reading other peoples updates as they will appear in unique fonts that are attractive and pleasing to the eye. Using Google Chrome extensions and Firefox Add-ons will assist you with this.

Fabulous extension

Fabulous is a great extension for Chrome. It comes loaded with an automated zoom image enhancer, and ad-blocker for sponsored stories and most importantly a color and font changer. This extension is simply amazing, once you install it, you can go over to your Facebook profile and click on the extension’s icon at the top of the address bar to be able to change its colors and fonts.

Use a font changer application for Facebook

Facebook has also a font changer application known as “Font Changer” This font changer has been especially made for use with Facebook. The latest version 3.0 comes with additional Google fonts as well. It also allows you to change fonts on other websites, and not just Facebook alone. You could also be able to change fonts in other accounts such as Google, Twitter and YouTube. Changing fonts will make your browsing through the internet exclusive and fun.

Facebook also offers its own applications to customize Facebook and change the font’s colors and styles. After logging in to your Facebook account, click “Go to Application” button at the top left corner. This will take you to a series of applications that Facebook offers. Search for different fonts and colors and you will find tons of them that will help you customize Facebook.

Changing your Facebook fonts and colors is something you would definitely want to give a try. If you customize Facebook fonts and colors, you will create a whole new browsing experience. These tips and tricks will be important in creating a more interesting experience with Facebook.