Upload Photos to Facebook Using Email

Upload Photos to Facebook Using Email
When you are busy with your friends or family on a vacation, you often like to share the photos. You may not always have access to high speed internet to log in to Facebook on your computer. If this is not the case, you may not always like to see the updates of your friends while upload photos to facebook. Another thing is that uploading photos to facebook can be a little cumbersome at times. Facebook has come up with a unique solution to these problems. Now, you can upload photos to facebook using email.

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Compatible devices that help you accomplish uploading photos to facebook via email

You can use any of your gadgets that you can easily avail. You can use tab, computer, and mobile phones to upload photos.

Here are the steps to hassle free uploading of photos to facebook.
  • You can upload the photos through an email account known as secret facebook email address. You need to start a new email with the use of secret email address.
  • In the captions section, you can enter the caption as you want. You can leave the caption section black.
  • You can mix both videos and photos with the available options.
  • Now you can attach all the images that you want to upload.
  • The subject line is taken as the caption for each photo you upload.
  • After attaching the photos, you can send the email.
Facebook secret email account

Mobile confirmation is necessary to create a secret email account for facebook.

After logging in to facebook you can click on the triangle menu on top of your facebook page. From settings menu you can hop on to mobile category. If your phone is listed in facebook then you don’t need to add you phone. You can add your phone otherwise. After that, facebook asks to enter the password in the password field. You can enter the facebook password and enter submit after that. Facebook prompts add your phone number link. You can add your country code and phone number in the boxes provided. Then you need to press continue. Facebook sends a confirmation code to the number you have entered. You can enter the code in the box provided. As you confirm after entering the code, Facebook gives you an upload email address that gets listed in the bottom of your page.

Word of caution

You shouldn’t give your secret email to anybody. Sharing the email address with others enables others to post photos in your account.

Is there any limit to the number of photos that you can upload using email?
  • There is no restriction on the number of photos that you can upload until and unless you maintain the size limit as provided by your email provider.
  • The time of upload depends on the time that your email takes to reach the facebook administrator.
Can you edit the captions after uploading photos through your email?

You can make all possible modifications by logging in to your facebook account. The captions of the photos are same as that of subject line of your email. You can change the captions later.

The privacy settings of the uploaded photos remain intact and all the photos are stored under mobile uploads.