Writing notes on Facebook

Occasionally you want to write something longer than usual, and you want your writing can be re-read easily. Moreover, you also want to back out your letter, and edit like that you do in microsoft office. Now facebook has introduce "notes"to help you deal with this problems. Here are the main steps to write note

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How to find content on Facebook?

1. Back to your timeline by click on your name

2. Select "more" section which is near friend section in your timeline

3. Then choose 'notes' in the box

4. Click add note section

5. Now writing notes section appears
you fill in title,content section and you can edit your font style,font size..You may also attach your file.Then you choose preview,save draft..If all things are well-done,you click "publish"

At the moment you have had a note,you can easily to find and read it at anytimes you want