Facebook Timeline Tips: Customize your buttons

Facebook Timeline Tips: Customize your buttons
Time and again facebook is adding new buttons on the timeline page to make it more appealing and easy for the users. The new timeline page has been launched everywhere. You can now enjoy the new timeline page in your mobile phone also. You can simply upgrade your timeline by logging in to your facebook account. The new buttons that you are not familiar with can be easily understood by following the about timeline page.

Here are some of the facebook timeline tips to customize your buttons

TIP#1: See the hidden posts and spread them on your timeline

Timeline is all about a chronological sequence of events that happens in your life. It hides some of the posts that don’t fit to the sequence. You can click on the lonely button to see the hidden posts. Apart from that you can add photos, videos and status by using the lonely dot.

TIP#2: Hide unwanted and annoying posts on your timeline

There is a pencil button on the right corner of every post on your timeline. You can click on the 'hide from timeline' button to hide that particular post. You can also delete the posts from your timeline.

TIP#3: customize your cover image

On the top of the timeline page you can find 'add a cover' button. After clicking on the button you get two options as 'choose from photos' and 'upload photo'. You can choose any of the options to either choose a photo from your album or from your device.

TIP#4: Time for your favorite boxes

Favorite boxes remain under the cover image. Friends and photo boxes are the fixed ones. You can change the position of other boxes as per your wish. You can click on the icon on the right of the cover image down under. You can click on the pencil icon to hide the boxes. You can also add new boxes to the list.

TIP#5: Filter the annoying ads from the timeline

On the top right corner of every ad you can find the 'X' button. This button works like a drop down menu. You can two options as 'hide this ad' and 'hide all ads from that particular vendor'. You can click on any option as per your choice.

TIP#6: Customize your album information

With the help of the pencil icon on the top right corner of your timeline, you can edit your album info. After clicking on the pencil icon you can click on the option called 'change primary photo info'.

TIP#7: Star icon tips

If you want any of the posts to stand out on both the columns, you can click on the star icon.

TIP#8: Activity log

Activity log is the place where all of your activities are stored unless you delete those. You can make modifications to everything by hitting 'All' button. You can adjust your posts, change date and un-friend unknown people.

TIP#9: Customize your subscriptions

You can customize the updates as per your wish by clicking on 'subscribed' button.

Here are the 9 tips to help you customize your buttons in your facebook timeline. After following the tips it’s easier to customize the buttons as per your wish.

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