Facebook Timeline Tips: Hide Stuff From Your Timeline

Hide Stuff From Your Timeline
Facebook has managed to stay in touch with the times and this was visible with the introduction of the new timeline which brought a lot of changes with the way people interact. It is fresh, new and it helps you to completely change how your whole life is showcased on the internet. It represents a colorful scrap book with highlights to display and enhance emotional feelings and excitement. There are users who’ve already embraced these changes and have learned how to use their timeline quite fast. The other group of people who still have a hard time understanding what to do ought to pay a lot of attention since this article is meant to help them.

A timeline promotes privacy for that individual who would like to limit what can be seen and by whom. When you want to hide stuff from your timeline, you have the option of clicking on the button that reads “edit or remove”. It’s located at the top on the right corner of the status box. An option that reads “hide from timeline” will present itself and all you have to do is select. Once a post is hidden, you’ll receive a notification that has a button that reads “undo” just in case you rethink and you’d like to unhide the post.

When you do lots of scrolling till the end of the timeline, you are bound to notice that most of the stories won’t be showcased and neither are they hidden. A blue dot shall present itself horizontally and you have to click on it to see the many options it offers. Stories kept in the dot will be showcased for you to choose what you want. The activity log button which is found below the cover photo allows you to check your past activities and the date when a specific story got added to the timeline. Facebook makes it easier for you to govern who sees what as you’d like them to. You simply have to click on the top dropdown menu which is found below the cover image.

The next step is to click on “View as” to set viewing as public or you can also limit viewing by entering a friend’s name to select what you’d want them to see. This way you have full control of your timeline’s preview. Your friends can only see that which you allow and share publicly. The timeline allows updating of life events that are ongoing and those from the past as well. You have the freedom of updating stories from whichever date in the past. This is done by hovering on whichever part on the top line and a “plus” button appears. Clicking on this button brings options on whether to update life events, places, photos and your status.You can choose any of these details form this list and fill up as you’d like. These few tips shall help you make the most of your new timeline. You are able to fully customize to your preference and remove or add content as you please. It is easier, stylish more convenient and lovable.