Facebook Timeline Tips: View Hidden Posts

Facebook Timeline Tips: View Hidden Posts

The young generations of today’s world are always connected to Facebook no matter where they are and what they are doing. The new advanced features of Facebook have helped people to customize the views and also make a lot of changes according to their own requirements. But, are you facing problems in seeing the hidden posts of a Facebook page or the posts that you have hidden in your timeline? If so then there is nothing to worry about it anymore. The solution to all your questions is answered below in the form of simple steps:

How to View Hidden Posts in Your Own Timeline:

Most of the people hide some posts from the timeline so that others cannot see them when they visit your timeline. If you are willing to see the hidden posts in your timeline, the steps that can help you to do so are as follows:

  • Visit your own timeline page and then click on the 'Activity Log' button.
  • A new page comes where you will see a list of options like 'All', 'Timeline Review', 'Tag Review' etc. Here you will see the option 'Posts You’ve Hidden'. Click on that link to see the posts that you have hidden.
  • Now a page comes where the posts that you have hidden will be in front of your eyes. You can see all the posts that you have hidden each month starting from the current month to the older ones as you scroll down. In this way you can see all the posts that are hidden without any kind problem.
You can also unhide any post that you have earlier chosen to be hidden. Now after this action any person who visits your timeline can get to see the post that was hidden earlier.

Viewing Posts with the Help of Hidden Explorer Tool:

You can also view hidden posts with the help of 'Hidden Explorer Tool' for any page. In this digital world where everything has become so easy to fetch you can easily view the hidden posts at any time you wish. The 'Hidden Explore Tool' by ZoomSphere is a great option to view the hidden posts and comments of any Facebook page.

  • The tool is great option for the users as all the things that were previously hidden by the page administrator will now be visible to the users.
  • If you want to give a proof whether the specific post is still in Facebook you must click 'Click to Original Post button' in the topmost right corner of every post and you will be very easily redirected to the same post on Facebook.
The tool works for all the pages in Facebook and it has come up a challenge to the Facebook makers as it can reveal all that was previously hidden.

In this way you can see the hidden posts in any page you would like to. Also you can see all the hidden posts that have been hidden by you. For seeing the hidden posts of your friends you can only see it when they choose the settings to make the posts visible to you. All the modern features and improved settings of Facebook has made managing your profile in a much easier way as well as securing the information from the people you wish to hide.