Hide post from timeline

Hide post from timeline
As we know , facebook now counts over 1.2 billion users , making it the most used and largest social network ever . People of any age , from any country, in different places use facebook in their daily basis since it has become part of everyone's life . We share photos , statuses , videos and all other type of posts so our friends can keep in touch with us , and all this stuff goes to our own timeline. Facebook started rolling out timeline for users since 2009 , but only in 2011 it took its normal view as we see it nowadays .

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However sometimes there are stories that even we have shared previously , we still do not want to show on our timeline but neither to delete these stories since these are part of our past , and these stories may be about our past, like school, parties, graduation, new job etc .The solution it's easy and it has to do with hiding posts from timeline, in this way we manage to do two things in same time , saving these story updates and not deleting them as well, which is very important for us .
So how to hide posts from timeline ?In fact it is very simple to hide posts from timeline . All you have to do is to go to your facebook profile , scroll down until you find the post that you want to hide from your facebook timeline and then follow the instructions below .

- Click in the right top corner of every update , no importance if it's a photo , video or a status update. - There will show a lot of options but all you gotta do is to click : Hide from timeline
- You're now done , the post has now been hidden from the timeline . Simple as that .

However sometimes we still want to bring these stories back even we have previously hidden them before.

So how do I view stories that I have hidden ?

This is very important because you may have accidentally hidden posts from your own timeline and in most of cases people don't know how to undo this and bring their posts back showing on their timeline . Recently Facebook has introduced Activity Log, from here you can do almost everything .

So in order to bring the hidden posts back in your timeline you have to go to your Activity Log , here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/help/289066827791446. After going to your own activity log , in the left sidebar find "posts you've have hidden".

After finding this tab , click on it and now you will be able to see all the posts you have previously hidden from your own timeline .Find the post you want to unhide , click on the right top corner of the post and then "allow in timeline" .Go back to your timeline and scroll down , the post will obviously be there.

Every one loves facebook, their team works hard to ensure everything it's alright, they are rolling out new features that help users in a lot of different ways, making our life easier and simpler. Our blog has content about everything related with facebook so please do make sure to read these articles too so you can learn more about facebook and new features as well.