Update Facebook Status Using Email

Update Facebook Status Using Email
It is a relief to many that one can update their Facebook status by simply using their email. Updating Facebook status by use of email makes people without Smartphone’s to have an easy time sharing their thoughts on Facebook. In most companies the working personnel are always advised against spending their time on Facebook during work hours, and therefore updating Facebook status through email can become a simple activity that will not raise any eyebrows while at work. For the working individual making an update through email will also reduce the distraction of using the main Facebook site when one makes their status update.

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Sharing your update be it a video or a photo can be as simple as having access to an email account There some steps on should take before making a Facebook update through the email, they include;

Find your secret Facebook upload email address

Login into your Facebook account and click on the navigation drop down menu that looks like an arrow pointing downwards, which is usually on the far right. A drop down menu will appear and click on the settings. Once on the settings page, on the far left click on Mobile. After clicking on mobile you will be able to see your personal Post-By-Email Address. Once can use it as it is or edit it to something you are familiar with.

Update Facebook status from any address

A lot of individuals usually think that to update your Facebook status one needs to do it through the email address which they registered with Facebook account with, but that is not the case. One can update their Facebook status from any email address. Type any personal desired update in the subject line of the email because, this is what will eventually be the Facebook status update. It’s important to realize that Facebook will always ignore anything written on the message body, so make sure your update is written at the subject line and the message body is empty. It is also important to note with if the subject line is left blank then the update will also be ignored. Once the update is written send it to the secret Facebook email and the update will be complete.

Sharing photos through the email

When it comes to making a photo or a video Facebook update, one should ensure that the necessary file has been attached. Once attached the photo can be sent to the secret Facebook email address and the update will be complete. It should be noted that, it is not necessary to write anything on the subject line of the email if you have attached a photo or a video. The photos and videos are usually updated as public by default but it can always be changed to suit user’s desire.

It’s critical for Facebook users to understand this mode of making an update, because it comes in handy in areas where there is no access to a Smartphone or one is restricted from accessing Facebook. Update Facebook status by using email is a beneficial way to stay in touch with the social-network world.