View As Public or Specific Friend

View As Public or Specific Friend

Facebook is the place where people love to socialize with their friends and relatives. Facebook is the best social media where one share photos, videos, post status updates and also look for the profiles of their close ones. This is the place where all the people in the world can find your profile and check what is going on in your life by visiting your timeline. Similarly you can search the profiles of your friends and see their activities by following their timeline. It is up to you to choose on what you are going to show from your profile by changing the settings of your timeline. The 'View As' button in the Facebook can help you to view your profile and know what general common people will see in your timeline and the stuff your friends will notice in your profile.

The 'View As' option in the timeline of your Facebook is like looking at the mirror and checking whether you are looking perfect or not. The 'View As' option will help you to see what are the stuff that you choose to be visible to your friends and also to the common public.

Check out the tips and tricks that will help you to view as public or specific friend on your Facebook timeline:

Viewing Your Own Timeline as Public:

The steps for viewing your profile as a public are as follows:

1) The very first step is visiting your own timeline page and then you have to click the button having dots beside the 'Activity Log' button. Here you will see the option 'View As' which you need to click in order to see the profile.

2) Also you can click the 'Privacy' button in the top right where you need to go to 'Who can see my stuff' and then visit the 'What do other people see on my timeline'.

3) Now you will be able to see your own profile as if you are the public yourself. Being 'Public' means that the person is not in your friend list and is not at all associated with you.

4) Now if you are not comfortable to show some pictures or statuses to the 'Public' you may go back to your timeline page and then click on the button having dots that is beside the 'Activity Log' button. After that you need to click on the 'Timeline Settings' and accordingly change the settings as per your requirement. Also you can change the timeline settings by clicking on the 'Settings' option from the leftmost down-arrow of your Facebook page.

Viewing Your Own Timeline as Someone Else:

If you are wishing to see what your friend will see when they visit your timeline you can do that with the help of the view as option. The steps for viewing your own profile as someone particular are as follows:

1) Click on the button having three dots besides the 'Activity Log' button. Next you will see the view as option on which you need to click to 'View your profile' as somebody else.

2) The timeline that is visible to you is public view by default. You need to change it to view as specific person so that you can visit your own timeline as the specific person. Now if you wish to see the profile as your friend you need to type the name of your friend in the text box beside the option 'View as specific person'. The name of the friend that you type will automatically come in the suggestion list.

3) Click on the name and then check your own profile. This is how your timeline will look to a particular friend when they visit your timeline.

4) Now again if you want to change the settings you can go to the inverted triangle in the leftmost area of your Facebook page and then click on 'Settings'. Also you can click on the button with dots and then click on 'Timeline' settings. This is how you can change your setting and customize it if you do not choose it to be visible to your particular friend.

To view as public or specific friend is easier with the help of 'View As' button. You can very easily check the stuff that you wish to be visible and accordingly correct yourself and change the settings in the place where you are uncomfortable. This is a great feature of the Facebook which can help you to secure your photos and updates from any person you wish to.