Dealing with spams in Facebook

By chance you have clicked on something that attracts you. However, they turns out to be spam. That bothers you very much. Don't worry, following these steps to fix it:

Step 1:

Return to your timeline, select View activity log

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Step 2:

Check and review all your action and deleted the things done you don't like by click delete or hidden from your timeline

Step 3:

Check your installed apps and games and remove anythings you don't  believe by click delete,hidden or report/mark as a spam

Step 4: 

Set your login notifications by choose text message or email, Facebook will notify you when you log in from computer or mobile device that you have never logged in before

Step 5:

If all the above steps do not have effects, we suggest you that you should install and launch trust anti-virus software like bitdefender, kaspersky... in order to protect your facebook account from spam.