How to Create a Photo Collage Using Pictures of Your Facebook Friends?

How to Create a Photo Collage Using Pictures of Your Facebook Friends?

Photo editing and generating eye fetching posters itself is an art. Creating posters and collages for your friends and loved ones is a very solicitous gesture. Who would not love a strikingly forged collage on any special day of their life, showing the ultimate love and the bond? Everyone would, in fact that can be a very lavish gift that you can give to your dear ones. So are you thinking of making a collage for friends using facebook photos? You don’t need to worry much about that; here are some tips for the purpose.

Tips for Creating a Photo Collage with the Facebook Photos:

It’s not a very tough job to create a photo collage using pictures from facebook; all you need to have is knowledge about the application that can help you in generating a beautiful collage. There are various apps available that claim to build creative photo collages. How to choose the best one? We will here discuss about the apps that can make your task easy.


It is one of the best apps that are exclusively designed to create collage using your facebook photos. It is an online tool that is designed to make fabulous collages using the facebook photos.

All you need is the authorization of the app over your facebook account.
  • First of all launch the loupe. Here you will be started with the app.
  • There will be option for get started, where you will get options to add photos. When you do this firstly click on the option add to facebook.
  • You can add photos of your own facebook photos and also drag the photos from the facebook albums of your friends whom you want in your collage.
  • You need to choose the design and shape of the collage according to your needs and the quantity of the photos.
  • When you are done with it but still need to add or delete the photos, then you can easily remove and add the photos in the collage. You can lock the collage by saving it to up to yourself.
  • After you save it you can use it and share it on your facebook.

Other Tools That Can Be Helpful for Making Collages:


Apart from the above mentioned there are other tools also that can help you to create a photo collage using pictures from Facebook for making beautiful collages and posters of your facebook friends. One such is Postermywall. It helps you in making poster sized collage using the facebook photos of your friends. There are various designs and templates that can be used so as to make the collage look more attractive.
As we have seen various tools that can easily help you in making poster sized collages of your friends, now you can easily make very beautiful and impressive collages. Though, you need to take care of the privacy. Most of the tool like Loupe are still not that secure so before you click on the photos or think of making collages, make it sure that you choose only those photos that you can share publically, and not those which are meant to be private. So, explore the tools and make instant gorgeous collages for your facebook.

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