How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums
Facebook! Every single person nowadays has an account on Facebook and love to spend hours on this amazing online social networking site.

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As such there would be hardly any person who wouldn’t know what Facebook is actually for or what everybody does there. A user creates his personal profile; make other users as friends, post photos, statuses and exchange messages and people connected to them will receive notifications of their updates.

Most of the users upload photos on Facebook almost every day; as such it is obvious that they will also want to download them; not just their own uploaded ones but also those in which they have been tagged and other pictures of friends and pages that they like. Now coming on to the topic, that is how to download Facebook photo albums easily.

Downloading Facebook Photo Albums

There are pictures that you would have posted on Facebook, there are picture your friends tag you in, and there are pictures of your friends, pictures of pages that you have liked that you will want to download.

1. How Can You Download All Your Pictures From Your Facebook Albums to Your Computer?

Facebook provides you with a service of 'Download your information'. When you download your information, the file will include: Your Profile i.e. you timeline information which includes your contact information, interests and groups; wall posts and all the other content that you and your friends have shared on your timeline, photos and videos that you have uploaded on your account. Your friend list and the notes for any event that you have created. Messages sent and received by you, any comments that you or your friends have made on your timeline will also be included.

You will find the link to 'Download your Information' on your account settings—General Page. Here’s a link to some FAQs on downloading your information. It is the help page of Facebook.

2. How to Download Facebook Photo Albums Offline or When Leaving Facebook

It will ask you for password to verify whether it is you yourself who is downloading the information.

Then you will have to backup images that you had uploaded or all the pictures that you have been tagged in. You can do this if you want to download your pictures in offline mode, or even then when you are leaving Facebook.

3. How to Download a Friend’s Photo Album?

Easy download with the help of Pick and Zip software.

Pick and Zip is a service that allows you to download any specific photo album of your friend and along with your tagged pictures too. For starting to use this service, you will first be required to be logged in; it does not work like the above method. When you login Facebook with your login credentials, you get a list of all your friends on the left side of the screen. When you click on any of your friends’ name, all the albums of the person will be listed before you. You can now download any particular picture or the entire album.

Pictures are one of the most eye catchy stuff on the internet today; and the most interesting things you will find on any social networking website like Facebook. So, if you want to download them these were some easy methods that will help you and all other users who want to know how to download Facebook photo albums. These points will be beneficial for you to download pictures and albums from Facebook.