How to "Friend" Someone on Facebook & Hide It from Your Status

How to "Friend" Someone on Facebook & Hide It from Your Status
In as much as facebook is a social network where you are supposed to share things with friends and loved ones, there comes a situation whereby you so not want a particular person to have access to your status updates. Take for example a situation whereby, the company you work for does not allow you to have any ties whatsoever with your rival company. If you happened to like their page or friend request their boss, this is something you would have to hide from your status update since blocking your boss is not an option. There is a way you can use to friend someone and hide it from your status updates.

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First and foremost, you need to go to facebook homepage. Next to the search box you will get 'settings'. Click on it and wait for the next page to open. The next page has four categories. These are: News feed, search, applications and profile. Since the changes you need to make are on your profile, go to 'profile privacy settings' by clicking on it. On this page you are able to see who has access to your account. Everything on your profile can be accessed by all your friends and networks by default. It is advisable to make your networks unable to see you status updates and other profile activities.

In our case, you want to set you status update in a way that you will hide the fact that you are friends with someone from one of your friends. To do this, you will need to change the settings for your status updates. Use the dropdown menu to customize your settings to how you want them. Since you want to make the settings particular to some people, you will need to fill in the 'except these people' box. Fill in their facebook names and then click on done. By doing this, the people you select will not be able to view your status updates. You can be friends with all the people they do not fancy and they will never know. The good thing about these settings is that the other person will not be able to tell that you have blocked their access to your status updates. They will think that maybe you are not active on facebook. Honestly in most cases, the person you block from your status updates does not put much thought to it.

Something very important that you should ensure you do is to click on 'done' once you have completed the settings. This is because failure to do so does not complete the task. This can be tricky because you might think the person does not see your status updates but they do because you did not complete the settings you were making.

In the situation whereby you no longer have reason to block these people’s access to you status updates, you should follow the same procedure in order to undo the settings. Doing this will make the person have access to your status updates once again.