How to Know When Facebook Friends Secretly Delete or Block You

How to Know When Facebook Friends Secretly Delete or Block You
Currently, Facebook does not notify people that they have been deleted or blocked by their friends. People do these actions for reasons such as using inappropriate language when chatting or updating their status with topics that others do not like among other reasons. When Facebook friends secretly delete or block you, you experience some changes. To actually know whether one have been blocked or deleted, there are some things people should know to be able to do their investigations.

First, deleting on Facebook is also referred as "unfriending". If someone deleted or blocked you, your news feed will be a lighter than before. This is because you will not be able to see what your ex-friends update. This action is mutual and they too will not see what you are doing on Facebook.

However, blocking and deleting on Facebook have some differences. The amount of information about one's ex-friends and executable actions towards them make these differences. When one has been blocked, they will no longer continue chatting with their ex-friends. Their ex-friends’ updates, photos and shared information do not appear on their timelines. The private messaging option becomes inactive. However, tagged photos that contain the ex-friends remain on the "photo of you" album. Some Facebook groups’ activities may also not be altered.

If you have lost your friends on Facebook and you suspect that they have been blocked you, you can verify this using another Facebook account. If you find your ex-friends on the other account, there are high chances that you have been blocked! You may access your ex-friends information using another account but this does not mean that you must be blocked.

If the ex-friend has changed his/her account settings such as who sees their updates, you may just be excluded to see such updates in this case. If this is the case, you should be able to send them a message and see what they comment on other mutual friends’ updates. If you cannot see their comments and access their timeline using your account, but you can access their timeline using another Facebook account, you have been blocked. The one who blocked someone on Facebook is the only one who can restore the friendship. If you have been blocked, you cannot send a friend request to your ex-friends, but they can unblock you on their account.

When someone deletes you, your relationship with them is similar to that of the people whom you have never been friends on Facebook. However, tagged photos remain on your photo list. Your ex-friends’ updates do not feature on your notification list. However, you can be able to see what they comment on a mutual friend’s updates. If a Facebook user who is a mutual friend with your ex-friends comments on their update, you will be able to see this action.

To know whether you have actually been deleted, you can try searching for your friend on the Facebook search field. If your ex-friend’s name appears and there is the "ADD AS A FRIEND" field, you have been deleted, but not blocked. To become friends again, either party can send a friend request. If ex-friends discontinued being Facebook users, they will neither appear as friends nor as Facebook users when searched.

For those who have friends who they may not remember their names, but notice that they have lost them, there are programs that are not Facebook’s which can be used to analyze past Facebook data and identify the friends that one have lost. These programs are on the internet and are integrated with Facebook accounts to do the analysis. If you have to use these programs, it’s advisable to look for those that are legit to avoid downloading virus disguised as programs as they may compromise your Facebook account. These are some of the things to check on if you want to know whether your friends on Facebook have secretly deleted or blocked you. There are more tips available on the internet that can equip you better on your investigation.

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