How to Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

How to Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar
Since the previous versions of Firefox twenty three, Firefox has been supporting a dedicated Facebook chat on its sidebar. With this feature, Facebook users are able to share running website pages, Fanpage. Additionally, they are able to update the current activities of their pals on Facebook. The advantages of placing your facebook chat on Firefox sidebar is that you don’t need to open your Facebook page to see who is online and secondly, you can chat with your Facebook pals while working on any website page in Firefox. In this article, we will look at how to place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar.

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Step by Step Instructions:

Step one

Open your Mozilla Firefox and press “Ctrl+Shift+B” on the keyboard. Your will see the Mozilla Firefox Library window appear on the screen.

Step two

Click on the expansion menu to the left of “All Bookmarks” and then click on “Bookmarks Toolbars” placed on the left side of your Mozilla Firefox window.

Step three

The third step of how to place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar is to click on “Organize” which is located at the top corner of your Mozilla Firefox window and then click on “New Bookmark

Step four

Type the words “Facebook Chat” in the blank area located to the right of “Name.”

Step five

The fifth step is to enter the address “” in the blank area to the right of “Location

Step six

Highlight the blank box located on the left of “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” feature

Step seven

The next step is to click on “Add.” Your Facebook chat program will automatically be added to the Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks toolbar located below the Address bar in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step eight

The last step of how to place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar is to click on the “Facebook Chat” icon on your Firefox browser Bookmarks toolbar so as to run the Chat program in the sidebar. You will be required to click on “Facebook Chat” in every time you open a new Mozilla Firefox browsing session so that you can place the program on the Firefox sidebar.

Tips about chat

If you want to change the size of your Facebook chat window, you need to hold your computer cursor over the right side of the chat program and then hold your left mouse button down. Then drag the corner of your Facebook Chat to the right to your preferred size

If you get bored of pals contacting you via your Facebook Chat while you are on your Mozilla Firefox sidebar, change the setting of your chat program so as to hide from certain people when you are online. Alternatively, you can follow the following steps so as to close the entire program,
  • Follow step one and two as highlighted above
  • Right click on your “Facebook Chat” on the right hand side of your Mozilla Firefox window
  • Click on “Delete.” The program will be deleted from your Bookmarks toolbar immediately.
Facebook Chat program is cool as it allows you to send and receive instant messages to and from your online Facebook friends. If you work on Firefox, you need place your Facebook chat on your Firefox sidebar.