How to Share Flickr Photos to Facebook

How to Share Flickr Photos to Facebook

Digital photography is currently the most widespread means of capturing and storing pictures. Nowadays, people rarely print out pictures and store them in photo books or albums. On the contrary, people even try to restore old printed photographs and store them in a digital form. Flickr is currently one of the biggest networks where professional and recreational photographers can share photographs with friends, clients or even just strangers.

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Facebook is the most widely used social media page all around the world. Connecting Flickr and Facebook allows photographers to reach a much greater audience. If your friends do not have Flickr accounts, they can still enjoy the interesting pictures that you take. You need to have a Flickr account and a Facebook account to be able to share pictures between the two sites.

Activating a Flickr account is easy when you already have a yahoo account since the service is powered through Yahoo. If you do not have one, you will have to open a yahoo account first before you can activate Flickr. You should also have a running Facebook account. First, upload all your chosen pictures to Flickr following the easy to follow instructions before you can start sharing them to Facebook.

If you are using a web browser, you can connect to Facebook through the following steps. Go to the “you” menu and pick “your account”, click on the “sharing and extending Flickr” tab and click on the “connect” button next to the Facebook tab to navigate to your Facebook page. If you are already logged in to Facebook on another tab, you will only go through the “allow” application step. You may have to log in on the page if you were not already logged in.

While you are on the pop up window, remember to clear any sharing options that you do not want enabled like posting your Facebook activity on yahoo before allowing your Flickr account to connect to Facebook. You may have a hard time undoing that later on. Connecting while using the mobile device involves the same process from your account settings page.

Once you connect the two accounts, you still have control over which pictures are viewed publicly. Only the pictures you post as public are cross-posted to your Facebook account. The number of people allowed to see the pictures on your Facebook timeline also depends on your Facebook sharing settings, whether public, friends only or custom. You also have the option of sharing individual pictures from Flickr to Facebook or sharing all the pictures that you upload on Flickr to Facebook automatically.

If you are already running the Flickr app on Facebook, which was the old way of sharing pictures, should turn it off so that your pictures are not shared twice. You can switch it off using the application settings on "your account" on the Facebook page.

Once you are connected, all you friends and fans can see all the pictures that you post on both websites. The Flickr Facebook connect feature is one of the best things that Flickr ever came up with.