How to Get Facebook Updates on Email

How to Get Facebook Updates on Email
Facebook is a social site that has enabled many people to share their views and to express their thoughts. Business firms are not only using Facebook as a chatting room but also as an important platform for marketing their products. It is easier, convenient and efficient means to reach too many customers regarding a given product or service. However, with a Facebook account, effective monitoring of updated information may be a tedious process. It requires one to always login into his/her account to check whether there are new updated or not.

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However, this process consumes time because people may not have the time to check on regular Facebook updates. Keeping up with all alerts from your friends can be overwhelming. It is much easier to set up Facebook account so as to get Facebook updates on email. Facebook news feed have all update regarding the contacts you have on your phone. Every post appears on your timeline; however this post can be seen by those who are close to you. Here are simple steps on how to this.

· Click on the friend’s link

Facebook account has various menus that are placed on top of the page. Friends’ link is among them. Clicking on this link displays the amount of friends that someone has. It also shows how much friends have been mutual regarding to chatting and how much have been dormant. With this link, you can easily determine the amount of friends who always follow your daily post and comments on them effectively. This link organizes friends in order; recent friends are placed in their own category while those

· Click close friends link

Under the friend’s link, there appears older friends have their own categories a drop down menu at the right corner. Close friends icon always appears here. It contains list of friends whom you know each other more. It may be composed of a list of college friends, relatives or your loved ones whom you always have a closer relationship together. It is special group that only notifies you on updates regarding the people you have added to this icon. It is different from other public notifications that are always posted on your timeline. These are important issues from certain group of people with a particular reason.

· Click on manage list

On the close friends’ icon, there is a list of drop down menus that appears. On the drop down menu, click on manage list. Then you should click on edit, the list is now flexible for any changes that can be made.

· Click on the list

When you click on the drop down menu, a friend’s icon is displayed. Type all the contacts of you friends that you ought to add them to your close friends list. Alternatively, you can search for your friend’s contact from the business list or directly from your contacts.

· Click on save

You may now save the contacts you have entered in the procedure above. This ensures that your contacts have been added safely to this group.

· Click on Facebook

Then you click Facebook and email to enable you gets Facebook updates on email. It is that simple.