How to prevent someone from hacking your Facebook account?

Your facebook account has a lot of sensitive and secret informations.One day you can't login your account. One reason is your account has been hacked by someone. There, how to protect your account? We will help you find out the answers by the follwina artcile:

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Step 1:

Click on the icon  in the top right corner of your facebook page

Step 2:

Choose setting from the menu appearing then

Step 3:

After that select Security items

There are so much choice for you,but we often set up Login notifications items

Step 4:

In Login notifications Facebook will notify you when you log in from a computer or mobile device that you have never used before by sending email or text message

Most people choose Text message method to identify your account,if you also like this method you click tick on the text message method and a table will appear, you need fill in with your mobile phone