Informative Details On How To Display Selected Pictures Only On Your Facebook Profile Page

Informative Details On How To Display Selected Pictures Only On Your Facebook Profile Page

Facebook is an ideal online platform for people to socialize especially for friends who are usually not physically together. Amongst the things that are uploaded and shared most on Facebook are photos. These photos are usually very helpful especially when friends post pictures of when they were together last or what they are currently doing amongst other similar event. But there are pictures that can be embarrassing or even cost people their jobs if they are seen by the wrong people. This means that there are pictures that need to be hidden so that they are not viewed by particular people. Here is how to display selected pictures only on your Facebook profile page.

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The most common scenario is when you want to hide an entire album of photos from being displayed on your profile page. The other scenario is when you want to hide just some pictures from an album so that the rest can remain on the display. While hiding an entire album, you should start by getting on to your Facebook profile and then click on the photos link. This should take you to your profile page where you should select display all so that you can view all the albums. The next step should be to select the album you want to hide bilking on its name. You should then click on the edit album link which will display a new edit album window. This should be followed by selecting the 'custom' button in the privacy which will display custom privacy window. From here you should select the field and names of the people you would like to be barred from viewing the displayed photos. This should be finalized by clicking on the save setting button so as to ensure the changes have been effective. In case you wish to hide the album from being viewed by everyone else, on the option to select field you should select 'only me' which will mean that only you can view the pictures displayed on your profile.

Another option of displaying only some of the pictures on your Facebook profile is selecting individual pictures and then hiding them from the view of certain people. This is almost similar to hiding an entire album but this requires one open the albums and select the pictures that are to be hidden. Therefore, while intending to hide individual pictures, instead of selecting an album one should click it so that it opens. From the opened album you should then select the pictures you wish to hide from display. Just like when hiding an album you should select the particular groups or individuals who should not be able to view the pictures.

It is important to note that pictures that are uploaded into Facebook using mobile phones goes to the mobile uploads album and therefore you should open this album when you wish to hide some pictures from it which were uploaded using a phone. You should then repeat the above process as if you are hiding an individual picture or you are hiding an entire album. Therefore, it is possible to control the people who are able to view the pictures on your Facebook profile through following the outline guidelines.