6 Tip Attractive FaceBook Profile

6 Tip Attractive FaceBook Profile

Ever since the Facebook timelines has been released, it has become a fad to put up really cool pictures as cover pictures. An attractive profile picture is what makes people view your profile more number of times, tending to give you some likes on the way.
Cool and funky pictures are a great way to get more shares! So, buckle up to make your timeline as catchy as possible and be on your road to Popularity!

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Coordinating your Profile picture and Cover

Try to co-ordinate so your profile and cover appear as one photo and not irrelevant ones. This is simple and can be done using photo-shop or some templates that are available for free online. Here’s one example of what you could do:

You can use your own creativity to make crazy but eye-catching covers that will reflect your personality without cramping your style.

Some more ideas for popular Facebook cover pictures are:

Tip 1. 

Random sketches if you are can draw well

Tip 2. 

Matching landscapes with your profile picture

Tip 3. 

Funny photo-shopped pictures

Tip 4. 

Group picture where your profile picture coordinates with yours in the group on the cover. (Don’t get it? Check this out!)

Tip 5. 

If you have too many pictures which you want to show-off, a great way to do so is using a photo collage and incorporating this in your timeline. Again, this can be simply photo-shopped or you can find many free android apps online that make your job easier!

Tip 6. 

Simply catchy, funny one-liners. A word of caution – Don’t try to come off as arrogant and annoying – NEVER HELPS! (Like this dude..)