How to Syncs Photos of Facebook Friends with Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

How to Syncs Photos of Facebook Friends with Contacts in Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Office Outlook is great software for managing personal information on computer. You can manage your correspondence things such as contacts, scheduling, emails, etc. Today, most of us have more contact on Facebook than on your email service provider. For professions that require use of outlook more often, people find themselves configuring contacts manually and adding photos to Outlook. You can download profile pictures of one or two contact on your system to configure but with hundreds of them, it is not possible. However, there are add-on software that you can install to you Microsoft Outlook such as OutSync, Fblock, and Xobni that brings all Facebook on your Outlook. These software enable you to see your Facebook updates from Outlook. However, OutSync is the one that has feature that syncs photos of Facebook.

Before you synchronize the photos, make sure you add the contact details in your Outlook.
  1. Just go to people on your Outlook.
  2. Create contacts and remember same exact names are necessary as in your Facebook profile.
  3. Enter the other details and save.


OutSync works great with mobile devices by automatically synchronizing profile photos to Outlook contacts. As OutSync works for Microsoft, it is safe to use this software. However, make sure the name on both Outlook and Facebook are same before the sync. You can easily download Outsync from its site. Just do the Google Search. Following are the steps to sync the photos
  1. Once downloaded, run and install the software.
  2. As you launch the program for the first time, you would be asked to enter you Facebook credentials and just enter them.
  3. Once logged in it will scan through your contacts on Outlook and Facebook for matching pairs.
  4. Once the list appears on left side, you can see the contacts are ready to synced.
  5. You can easily unselect the ones that you do not want to sync.
  6. If you want those contacts on your windows phone, make sure you have Outlook setup on your ActiveSync, just plug the cable, and let it sync.
Probably, you might have few unmatched contacts, but as mentioned before, names must be same with both Facebook and Outlook. Only the people on your outlook contact list will have their photos synced.

Safety With OutSync

The developers have took extra measure to ensure that the contact details are never shared with developers. We know, if contacts are shared, the privacy of the user is compromised and his inbox may end up with spams. So make sure no contact details are shared, and only photos are synced to the name. Software also abide the privacy policy of both Microsoft and Facebook. So you do not worry with it like you do it with other third party software.

With OutSync download is simple and set up is easy. Using the software is comfortable and hazel free of any download and save stuff. OutSync is compatible with all Window desktop version XP, Vista, etc. but it requires outlook 2003 or higher. Now you have easy way to add photos to all your contacts on your Outlook.

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