How to upload and share our photos and videos on Facebook?

You have just had a nice trip with a lot of memorial photos and videos. You want but don't know how to upload these photos and videos on Facebook and share them with your friends. The tips below will help you to do it:

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Step 1:

Click mouse on Add photos/videos in News feed section

Step 2:

There are three choices for you:

Upload Photos/Video: Post photos and videos from your computer. The photos and videos you post will be added to your Timeline Photos album or videos

Add Synced Photos: If you have photo syncing turned on, you can post photos that have synced from your phone or tablet. The photos you post will be added to your Timeline Photos album.

Create Photo Album: Post photos from your computer to a new album.

Step 3:

Select the photos you want to add to Facebook.

Step 4:

If you want, you can:
  • Choose who can see your post.
  • Tag friends.
  • Add a location.
Let people know how you're feeling or what you're doing.

Step 5:

Click Post.