Creating page in Facebook !

Creating page in Facebook !
You want to build a brand website, product in Facebook. You desire to create a community which is special for something in Facebook. Mentioning of these thing, we think about Facebook Fan Page. However, how to create a page in Facebook? Today we will show you the way to do this.

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Step 1: 

Click more in Page section on the left side of your facebook page.

Creating page in Facebook !

Step 2:

Select Creat page.

Creating page in Facebook !
If you remember the address,you can go directly to address:

Step 3:

Lists of page will appear with many types like entertainment, brand or product, company...

Creating page in Facebook !
I like humourous stories, so I choose entertainment

Step 4:

Next we will choose category of page and Page Name

Creating page in Facebook !

Step 5:

Finally, after choosing page types and fill in Page name section (in this instruction, we choose Film as a page type and hot film as a page name), you choose get started to finish.

Creating page in Facebook !

Now you have had a page and may begin to introduce to your friends !