Exciting ways in which you can display your Facebook statuses on your WordPress blog

Exciting ways in which you can display your Facebook statuses on your WordPress blog
There is always a competitive edge on displaying your business updates on Facebook, just for the simple reason, that you get a wider reach on the social networking site than other forms of media. When you have a wordpress blog or a nice website, you can get your instant updates on your wordpress blog getting updated on FB or vice versa. Without the use of expensive plugins, just with a few simple options you can display Facebook statuses on WordPress.

This particular technique makes use of Facebook status feed with the Wordpress RSS widget. Let us see in a step by step way as to how it works

First things first

Log into your Facebook account with your user id and password

Open your profile. You can view a set of updates on your FB. Select ' See All ', to check all the updates you have received during the day. Now look for the Mini Feed’ Column’.

This is what you need to do right now

Having selected on the ' Mini Feed ' column, click on ' See All '. Check on the ' Status Stories ' on the right hand side of the scroll bar. See if the Mini Feed’ column comes up with exciting updates. Now, scroll all the way to the bottom until the find the option ' My Status '.

The third step is…

Take the complete link displayed on the address status bar once you select on ' My Status ' option on FB. Paste the link on the Wordpress blog.

This is what you do on WordPress blog

Go over to WordPress Admin area and navigate until you find Design. Under Design, select ' Widget '. And Under Widget select RSS widget.

Add the same to your side bar.

The last and the final step is this

Whatever URL you have copied on ' My Status ' column of FB, paste the URL inside the RSS widget, as well. Give a suitable name under which your Facebook updates get saved as. Now hit on Save. Your Facebook statuses would now start appearing in your WordPress blog.

I would say, you can maintain two separate user accounts on FB itself. You can update your business related updates on FB, which would automatically appear on your WordPress blog, as well. And you can keep a separate account on FB, for your personal needs. This way, you are separating your personal stuff from your professional updates.

All your personal photos and other delicate information would be leaked on to your word press blog, where other users will also be navigating the same. So only the business stuff updates should be linked between your Facebook and your wordpress blog. Say for instance, you can log in to your business account on FB, and message My business has made an astounding progress of earning $560,000, which is 20% more than the previous quarter would instantly be displayed on your wordpress blog.

After reading the turorial, I just hope you have understand the methodology on how to display Facebook statuses on WordPress blog and do remember to use the same with a word of caution?

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