How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop

How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop
After the World Web was invented, people have been chatting on different places such as MSN Messenger, Google Talk, forums, and through many other Web chats. Later, the Facebook chat was introduced and it is mostly used by many people today. Note that chatting on Facebook can sometimes be frustrating. This is because you have to keep your browser open at all times, and keep your eye on it so that you do not miss out crucial messages. Many people find this not convenient.

Luckily, Facebook chat has been integrated and can now be used and enjoyed on desktop. In fact, you can easily access Facebook chat on desktop these days. There are several pretty good ways to do this.

First, you may opt for the official Facebook Messager for Windows. This one comes either as window you can resize or move around on your desktop. Also, it can be a static sidebar you can push to the right side of the screen. Apart from chatting alone, it is also a more convenient way to access your Facebook notifications and friend requests. Bear in mind that Facebook Messager does not support Windows 8.

Next, you can use Skype for Windows and Mac. Fort sure, Skype a great option for those people looking for a Facebook chat client. The current versions of Skype for Windows and Mac offer Facebook integration, which adds all your Facebook friends to your Skype contact list. This allows you to comfortably chat with them through the Skype’s interface.

It is actually very easy to add Facebook to your Skype contacts. You need to open your Skype interface and click the 'All' dropdown menu in the Contacts tab. Then, select 'Facebook' and click 'connect to Facebook'. You should then enter your Facebook details. Within seconds, all your Facebook contacts will now be visible through Skype, and chatting with them will be quite easy at the comfort of your desktop. Keep in mind that this feature is unavailable on Skype for Windows 8 and Linux.

Again, fTalk for Windows and Mac is another great way to access Facebook chat on desktop. FTalk is a Windows client, which is dedicated exclusively to Facebook. It is indeed a desktop client but also a Facebook application. This means that you have to grant it access to your Facebook account once you log in. You can actually use fTalk to chat with those Facebook friends who are available online right from the comfort of your desktop. You may also set notifications to show only friends you want to chat with. This can actually minimize the interruption caused by notifications from people you do not feel like chatting with them.

Since a lot of apps are being developed today, the list is actually inexhaustible. The bottom line is that you can have a great experience with any of the mentioned desktop Facebook chat. You only need to choose one that is most suitable and convenient for you. Remember you will be chatting with your friends without opening your browser, which is a great experience.

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