How to create Quizzes on Facebook

How to create Quizzes on Facebook

Quizzes have remained a popular way for interaction between people on the internet. In Facebook, they are not supported as a native application. Facebook however allows you post quizzes on your wall from applications available on Facebook or other Facebook-enabled quiz making websites.
The steps taken in creating quizzes in Facebook using apps are similar. To illustrate how to create a quiz using apps, here is how it is done using the app 'QuizPlanet
Sign in to your Facebook account. Type the name of the app, in this case “Quiz Planet” in the search box, then select it. Then click “Go To app” and then click “Allow”.
Note that from here, directive interfaces may be different for different apps.

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Next, enter a name description and select an image. Specify who the quiz is intended for and click next to continue. Define the outcomes (what is to be displayed when someone takes the quiz) and click next. Click “Set up a new Application” then click “Create new app”. Next, create your quiz title and click “Continue”. Select “Edit Application” and copy the “API key” and “Secret” to your clipboard. Paste these items in the appropriate text fields in the "Quiz Planet" text boxes, and then click "Create My Application." Your quiz will be posted to your Facebook wall for your friends to take.

There are many apps that provide an interface for creating and posting quizzes on Facebook. Below are some of the apps commonly used:


This app has a database of previously made quizzes by other Facebook users. You can post them on your wall through their app or alternatively create yours. There are many categories of the type of quiz you can create, including knowledge and personality quizzes. After choosing the type of quiz you wish to create, you are then redirected to an interface where you define then its questions and answers and their outcome


This app mainly focuses on simplifying the quiz making process through error detection during the making. With this app, you define the outcomes before defining the questions and answers. Once the quiz is created, the app automatically publishes it to your wall.

Quiz maker

With this app, just like the QuizBank, previously made quizzes are available for you to post to your wall through their page. You can also make your own quizzes and share with your friends on the site. However, with QuizMaker, the quiz options available are limited to multiple choices


The interface for this one is a bit similar to QuizBone. Quizazz allows you to see the questions in the database quizzes before starting them

Similarly, you can use Facebook-enabled quiz making sites to make and post your quizzes. A common site is Unlike other quiz-making sites, GoToQuiz doesn’t require you login to your Facebook account before you can create your post. Heck, they don’t even require you to register or give them your email before you can create a quiz. They provide a step-by-step quiz creation wizard for users. After your quiz is published, like the option “like” and add a simple comment. Your quiz will then be published on your Facebook wall. When anyone takes the quiz and gets the result, there will be a link to share that result on their wall, thereby spreading the quiz around Facebook to friends. This site makes the whole quiz creating business a walk in the park without even requiring your commitment to them.