How to post blog to your facebook wall automatically

How to post blog to your facebook wall automatically
With the advancement of technology, especially with use of social media sites, working on line has been made easier. With the touch of a button, you can publish content to thousands of facebook friends without having to learn unnecessary HTML. To make things a little bit easier, application developers have made the publishing to be automated making the process of posting content to different websites much more faster. Though at the moment there are numerous third applications, the inbuilt, Notes application on facebook still remains unmatched. Below are the simple guidelines that need to be followed to set it up.

Consideration settings before you add it

This app works reliably without the unnecessary branding/ marketing antics used by facebook. It allows you to add the RSS feed of your personal blog as a note just by simply adding it to your fan page. However as expected because this blog will automatically streams updates from your blog to your facebook account, there are considerations that need to be put to perspective in order to make the best use out of it.

First thing to put into consideration is how much content you want to steam. Cropping and filling the newsfeeds of 'facebook friends' will cause them to unlike you.

To ensure that this does not happen in your case choose the most relevant post, the ones that look appealing and post those on your facebook account. This simply means that using tags in your blog post settings to ensure that the specific ones chosen are the ones that are posted.

Also consider how much content to be actually displayed on the facebook post. Because the main purpose of using social media is to encourage traffic to your blog, posting the whole blog post would be detrimental. Thus choosing to post a snippet or extract is more appropriate and will encourage traffic to your blog

How to go about it

Here are the simple guidelines that you should follow to automatically set your blog post on your facebook account
  1. First log into your facebook account
  2. Open your fan page (if you don’t have one, create one first and have a considerable number of friends)
  3. The notes tab appears at the right side of the page, click on it to add
  4. Afterwards click on Notes Tab and hit Add New Note, from here a display box will appear
  5. In the display/ form note, click on the icon above that is on the top most part of the display box, there further settings will be displayed.
  6. Here you are allowed t o add a URL address to your feed and after which you can start importing
  7. From this screen customize your settings. A considerable number of your latest post will automatically appear on your facebook page after your initial import.
This is how you post blog posts onto your facebook account. However it is good to note that even though it has been made easier, only one feed can be added using the notes account.

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