Viable Tips On How To get Facebook On Your Desktop

Viable Tips On How To get Facebook On Your Desktop
Mastering simple tips on how to Get Facebook on Your Desktop can boost your experience on this social media platform. You will need to add essential apps on your desktop. These unique features will provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your friends even after closing your web browser.

Essential Tips On How To Get Facebook On Your Desktop

(a) Consider applications like Digsby:

Digsby is a popular desk based application that can help you to chat with your friends without opening a web browser.

(b) Consider using Vont app for your videos:

This is a free iOS app that can improve your video before sharing it to your page. This unique app will allow you to overlay some text and edit your video.

(c) Using the right video content:

It is very important to use ideal content from your desktop for your audience. This will enable you to get good feedback for online marketing purposes.

(d) Learn how to edit your videos:

In order to add location and title to your video, select video and then click the word “Edit” on the desktop. You can also plug in a keyword or two. This will also help to boost the SEO ranking of your video.

(e) Using Firefox add-ons to improve your Facebook:

These add-ons will help you to share with the world in a great way. You should click on a small “Like “icon that pops out at the bottom of your Firefox browser Window. This add-on will enable Firefox to share any web page they come across even when the site does not have an inbuilt Facebook share button.

(f) Use Firefox to create a desktop shortcut for your Facebook:

In the Awesome Bar adjacent to your site URL, click on the icon and hold it. Drag and drop the pointer to your desktop area. Clicking this shortcut will allow your Firefox browser to open the site immediately.

(g )Learn how to access Facebook chat from your desktop:

This is a very vital aspect to consider when learning how to Get Facebook on Your Desktop.

You will need to change your account type. You will first have to terminate your current chat program of choice. You will then need an IM client that supports Adium, Pidgin, iChat and Jabber/XMPP messaging. These apps will help you to create your new account of choice.

(h) Take advantage of a browser extension:

This will safeguard you from all Facebook tracing attempts. Facebook usually makes money by figuring out what clients are doing on Facebook.

(i) Learn how to use desktop applications to interact with your stream:

You can consider using popular desktop applications that requires no browser to interact with your stream on Facebook. The popular desktop applications that can help you to achieve this include: Facebook AIR applications, Scrapboy, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Xobni, Facebooker and Seesmic Desktop.

(j) How to update your Facebook status from Firefox:

You can consider using FireStatus utility to update your Facebook status and other social networks.

(k) Learn how to sync contacts in Microsoft outlook with photos of Facebook friends:

This will enable you to update multiple contacts at once. You can consider using OutSync Windows application. This is a free application that enables you to sync photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook. You will also be able to select the updates you wish to update.

(l) Install apps that allow you to download Facebook Photo albums on your desktop:

There are some unique apps that allow you to download your favorite photos with the click of a button. The most popular app is Facebook Photo Album Downloader (FacePAD). This app will enable you to download your friends Group Albums, Events Albums and Facebook Albums.

In conclusion, the above fundamental tips will help you to Get Facebook on Your Desktop without any hassles. This will help you to boost your experience in this social media platform to a great extent. This will also play a cardinal role in improving your privacy when using your Facebook.

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