Want to go Invisible on Facebook? Here is how

Want to go Invisible on Facebook? Here is how
The world we are living in currently can be for the most part be termed as virtual more than physical and real. This is ever since the creation of the internet back in the early 90s. The teens and the youths are the most affected with this. Whilst there are many social platforms that keep the young adults hooked in their virtual world, we will only have a look at Facebook, which was one of the first successful social platform that paved the way for all the rest.
However, while it is entertaining to be on facebook, it still has its down side. You probably have a stalker or a contact on your account that you just want to keep away. The problem is, with the upgrade of facebook chat came along and all your contact now knows when you are online and when you are not. This makes it easier for your stalker. You might be thinking of getting another facebook account. But before you do, read on as there is a way that you can block some of your contacts from seeing you online. And the best part is that you do not actually have to turn off the all-important chat. Read on to find out a way out.

First, you should know that there are two ways that you can keep away that annoying contact on your chat. If it is only a single person that you want to hide yourself from, all you have to do is click open the chat window (your friend’s) on your facebook ad click on the setting button in the shape of a gear and then select the 'Go Offline' option. The moment you select this option, your annoying friend will see that you are offline but you will still be able to send them messages when you need to contact them without changing this setting.

However, if there are lots of people that you want to keep off, this method might prove to be a bit cumbersome and tiring as you will have to work on them one at a time. The second method gives you the option of creating a list.

To create this list, you should go to your facebook wall, go to lists on the left side of your page and then click on 'more'. After this, click on the 'create list' button. 'A create list' pop-up window will appear. In the field, list name, you can enter any name that will make it easier for you to remember what the list was for. After, you can add all the names of the people that you want to 'go offline' on. When you are done, click on the 'create' button. Now that you have made a list of people to hide yourself from, you should open your chat box, go to settings and then advanced setting. In the pop-up window that will appear, you should select the option that has, 'All your friends see you except....' and then enter the name of the new list created. If at a later date you want to hide from someone else, all you have to do is add them to the list.

In the event that you do not want to hide yourself anymore, all you have to do is remove the list from the advanced chat settings or remove a single name from the list.

It is easy to hide your online status on facebook chat right? With the above simple steps, you can now easily cope with your stalkers or annoying friends.

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