Mastering Tricks Of Facebook Retargeting Audiences Platform

What is ”Facebook Retargeting Audiences”?

This is a unique Facebook retargeting platform that helps online marketers to bring back lost customers. It is therefore of paramount importance for online merchants to learn simple basics on how they can retarget and bring back lost customers. This will in turn help to increase the volume of sales and boost the business to a great extent.

What “Facebook Retargeting Audiences” user do?

Retargeting Facebook lost customers help marketers to engage their customers. Parameters such as stage of buying cycle and search history are used to offer leads and reach out for visitors across different devices.

Facebook Retargeting Audiences

The popular strategies used by online marketers include the following:

(a) Retargeting users based on search histories:

This digital marketing platform is used by online merchants to combine custom audience targeting with search retargeting. Advanced form of Custom Audience retargeting enables users to map the buying intentions (Bing and Google search history) of website visitors to their audience DNA (potential lifetime value). They are therefore able to serve relevant ads to them on Facebook based on these profiles.

(b) Engage customers and nurture leads:

Users can tailor their KPIs by creating new Facebook campaigns with specific goal of lead outreach. Custom Audiences offers a unique opportunity for engaging current visitors and nurturing leads which is quite easier than launching an email campaign. Email still offers the most viable solution for customer communication and for lead nurturing.

(c) Upsell/cross-sell to existing customers:

Selling products to existing customers is a perfect way to increase repeat sales. Online merchants can boost sales with Custom Audiences through reengaging with high- value and existing customers.

(d) Retargeting website visitors on mobile:

Users can utilize mobile- targeted ad to retarget visitors who have come to their websites through desk top devices. Ideal "Facebook Retargeting Audiences" platform should therefore be tailored to fit in popular mobile devices such as smart Phones and laptops.

(e) Reaching mobile App users on the desktop:

You can use "Facebook Retargeting Audiences" to connect with customers who use their mobile apps but purchase on other devices.

(f) Product- level retargeting:

Marketers are able to reengage website visitors based on services and products or destinations they last viewed on their websites.

(g) Retargeting website visitors:

Many customers are likely to “bounce” from your website because they are either not convinced your product is right for them or they are still researching products. You can use Custom Audiences to re- engage customers who have visited your site but left without converting.

How to use “Facebook Retargeting Audiences”?

This marketing platform can help online merchants to boost their business through re-sales. Lowering the cost per conversion can help you to attract more customers. You will also need to insert a reliable remarketing pixel. It is vital to give your site ample time to gather customers to retarget after inserting a remarketing pixel.

The following is a simple stepwise guide on how you can employ “Facebook Retargeting Audiences” to retarget your customers:
  • In Power Editor or Ads manager, select audiences, create audiences.
  • In your website, choose “Custom Audience”
  • Accept Facebook terms for this service.
  • Click “View Remarketing Pixel” to retrieve the code for the remarketing pixel.
  • Insert the code before the of your site. The code should only be placed one time.
  • Click the “Name” column, to create different audience groupings. For example, WCA-my domain-new products section o WCA- my domain- All visitors.
  • Tell Facebook how you wish to target users on “Visited” column. This should be based on specific sections or Web pages of your website.
  • Visit the “Duration” column to set how far back you want to target visitors. The maximum you can set is 180 days. This will enable you to target customers who have visited your website within the period you have set.
The marketer can utilize the above ideas to retarget their customers in the following ways:
  • This will help you to reach out for customers who have not visited your site for a while.
  • You will be able to reach out for customers who bought a particular product with accessories or related products to cross sell.
  • You will be able to send a welcome or thank-you message to customers who completed a desired action such as signed up for a new service or purchased a product.
  • Reach out to visitors who visited a particular section or page of your website but did not complete an action like sign up or purchase.
  • The marketer will also be able to reach out for customers who visited particular content types or sections in your site with related/ similar content to increase revisits.

Examples Of Using “Facebook Retargeting Audiences” To Increase Resales

(a) You can use Custom Audience and search retargeting to reach out for specific customers. For example you could target Facebook users who searched for “white running shoes” who are male, 18-24 years old, high household income and have made purchases from your website in the past few months.

(b) You can use B2B marketer to build rapport and reduce churn with existing customers by using Facebook ads to update them on customer events, whitepapers and update them on new blog posts. That same marketer could nurture leads by providing this audience segment with useful, topical or thought- leadership content about its industry.

(c) Custom audiences can create new segments comprised solely of converting visitors, and then reengage them on Facebook with offers and promotions for adjacent and similar products.

(d) Online marketers can create a Custom Audience of website visitors from desktop devices who abandoned the shopping process in the final stages. To enhance your goal of conversion, you can retarget the same users while they are “on the go” on their mobile devices with geo-specific mobile devices with a geo- specific mobile campaign that will drive them into your brick- and- mortar store.

(e) A travel merchant could present customer who research flights using a mobile app with a desktop- based incentive offer on Facebook. This would prompt this customer to complete the purchase he originally researched on the mobile app.

(f) You can create a new Custom Audience based on a segment of website visitors who viewed a particular category of products. This will help you to use Facebook advertising to re- engage the product category page visitors on with tailored creative, incentive or offer to increase action or conversion.

(g) You should make sure that your ads have included calls- to- action tailored to fit in the devices your target customers are using to access Facebook.

In summary,”Facebook Retargeting Audiences” is a unique platform that can boost online marketing to a great extent. It is important for all online merchants to master all the above basics in order to succeed in re-marketing their products. Facebook is among the most popular marketing platform and therefore should not be ignored by techno- savvy entrepreneurs.

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