A Complete Insight into Facebook Graph Search

A Complete Insight into Facebook Graph Search
What is Facebook Graph Search? A Quick Overview

Prior to discussing how it is used and what facebook graph search users do, let us have a quick look at what exactly is Facebook Graph Search.
It is a semantic search engine introduced by Facebook in the year 2013. This graph search helps the users to find out more places, more things and more people. Using this search engine you can find out new connections depending what the other people have shared with you on FB. The graph search is designed to give answers to the users’ queries naturally. It provides user-specific search results by combining the data obtained from its more than 1 billion users and the external data. During the launch of Facebook Graph Search in March 2013, the FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg had announced that all the FB Graph search finds results from the network of the users.

How to Use Facdebook Graph Search?

Graph Search is available to only those people who use FB in English. To use it the following steps need to be followed:
  • To start with, click the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Now you can type the person, place or thing you want to search for. For instance, you can type (friends in New Jersey)
  • Once you do it, a list of search suggestions will become visible. You can choose one of the suggested options or finish and hit Enter.
  • Users can make use of the filters or click on refine this search which is given on the right. This will narrow the results ( by locations or dates)
Users should always remember that search engine adds innovative ways to make use of FB, but it is not like a web search. So, do not be under the wrong impression that you will find Wiki links or lyrics of your favorite songs. It is a new way to access information about the places, things and the people’s who are already on your friends’ list.

What Facebook Graph Search Users Do?

Apparently, all that you type would not be there on the FB. So, in case if you have tried typing something and FB has no idea about that search item, it will display results from the well known search engine: Bing. All the people that use FB Graph search can find four types of things: Places, Photos, People and interests. For instance, you can use Facebook to watch things like the favorite shows watched by the doctors, or the apps used by the professionals, or the breeds of the dogs sold in San Franciso and much more. In short, you can find anything in the FB universe which is someway connected to you. It sometimes sounds very simple, but it is a smarter way to gather all the social information which the FB has gathered.

Some Specific Examples:

FB graph search works as a dating website. If you are looking for dating a girl, you can type “single women living within 30 miles of me” or “single women with great looks” and much more. Also, you can begin your search like “friends of my friends who are single and ready to mingle”. A single sentence about your needs typed on the FB search bar will give you appropriate suggestions which you will find useful. The other things that you can search in the FB graph search are pages and places (these are to be limited to a only specific locations latitude & longitude. ) Check-ins of the users, your friends and the places where they are tagged. Users can choose to filter the results or can search only the user’s News feed.

What People Do Not Know About the FB Graph Search?

There are so many people who do not know that the FB Graph results will grow together with Open graph. FB says that everything shared in the Open Graph will be finally available in the Graph Search and the users can make use of it. It means, all the likes, posts, comments, Netflix movie watched and spotify song listened will be available for the FB Graph users. They can search, filter and view people by making use of Graph Search.

FB Graph Search is Unlike Other Traditional Search Engines:

Normally, Graph search operates by making use of search algorithm which is very much similar to the conventional search engines like Google. But, the FB graph search is different from the other search engines and it is distinguished as a semantic search engine. Unlike the other search engines, it does not display results based on the matching keywords only it matches objects on its site as well. The search results displayed are based solely on the factors like the users’ content, profile of their friends & relatives and the relationship of the users with them. All the results are based on the interests of your friends that they have expressed in the FB.

FB Graph Search Results Are Personalized:

Just like News Feed is exclusive to you, Graphic search results are personalized for you. For instance, if you are looking to find Photos of Australia then you will be able to see the the photos of friends taken in Australia and shared with you. Also, you will find public photos related to the place that you have mentioned in the search bar.

Whom All You Will Be Visible to?

Your pics and all the pics in which you are tagged in will be visible to the audience they are shared with, all the people that are tagged in the photo. In order to adjust the people who can see all the photos you have uploaded, you can change the audience or request the person to remove the tag. Always remember that the posts and photos which are hidden from your timeline are still visible both in your News feed and in the FB Graph search. Just like adults, minors can also be a part of the Facebook Graph search. However, the sensitive information about them like their contact information, their birthdays and their schools etc. do not appear in the search that is open to public.

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