Exercise the power of the Facebook likes

Exercise the power of the Facebook likes
Some few years ago Facebook announced that it had just reached 200 million in terms of the users who employ the social media site. These were the active users who reported to the site at least once in six months. Well, there are other users of Facebook who visit the site as many a ten times in a day. The activities that take place on Facebook are varied but this would not matter to a marketer. Social media marketing has taken over the world and this method of product promotion is really becoming a hit. In the process, the power of the Facebook like button increases on a daily basis.

Liking on Facebook

Like a verb in the English language but not according to Facebook standards. On Facebook this is a noun. When you like something the real world it is more like just having the interest in it. There is more to this on Facebook. Clicking on the like button can easily send online content on Facebook viral.

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In reality it is possible to a dislike something. Facebook users do not have an option of disliking the content they find online. This is unlike many other social media sites that are available. YouTube allows users to either like or dislike the content that is available but not Facebook. This is because, as aforesaid, Facebook likes are not a really actions, they are permissions.

Liking content on Facebook is giving permission to have that content running on your wall as well. In other words, the owner of the content will have it on their wall but it will also appear on yours. A Facebook like is more of a permission than the plain-Jane emotion of being interested in something. Here you are interested in something and you want it available on the net.

Since the like is a permission-giving tool, there is no dislike button. All you can do is to take away the permission of having the content on your Facebook wall. This you can do by un-liking. Both liking and un-liking are done using the same button and hence the power of the Facebook like button. What is it that this button can do?

Marketing on Facebook

With more than 200 million users across the world Facebook is a really powerful tool to use in marketing. Just imagine how many people are going to see your advertisements if you do the marketing properly. World renowned corporations employ Facebook to market their products. But this does not inhibit startup businesses from doing the same. On Facebook all businesses are the same.

Perhaps the best thing about using Facebook to do the marketing is the fact that you do not have to spend a fortune on the services. There is a marked difference between marketing on social media and using radio or television marketing. These two methods can cost you a fortune. However, the minute you understand just how powerful the Facebook like button is you will spend less and get more from your advertising endeavors through Facebook.

Traffic to your Facebook page

Facebook likes have turned into some form of currency for popularity. As such it would not be uncommon to hear someone tell you, “Please like my brand’s Facebook page,” or something related. With a large number of likes on Facebook you make yourself or your brand more visible online. The workings of this principle are rather simple to understand. The result is that you will be easy to find using other sites that are not Facebook such as the search engines (Google, Bing and the likes).

The main goal of online advertising is to increase the amount of traffic towards a certain webpage. Using Facebook can see you do this quite easily. Once you have created your page, you should encourage people to 'like' you page. This adds it to their walls and their 'friends' will be able to see it there. Now, this is a cumbersome process and the results you are looking for might take too long to arrive.

This is where you exercise the power of the Facebook like button properly by buying Facebook likes. Yes, there are companies that have made it their business to avail Facebook likes for purchase. It might sound very ridiculous if you have never heard of it before but then it is one of the many Facebook marketing strategies. So far, it is the most effective method of marketing.

How does this strategy work?

Have you ever visited a page of Facebook and found a request saying 'Like this page to find out more'? This is a marketing strategy. Now would you like the page if it had only 10 likes? Definitely not, and the same is the case with all the other users on Facebook. None of them will be interested in your site if it had only a handful of likes. This is why buying Facebook likes will suit your business tremendously.

A large number of likes for your page tends to increase your credibility. Anyone seeing the page will be motivated to check out your page. People will assume that because you have many other people liking your page then you are a reliable source of the information or products they are looking for. Thus, you get to increase the traffic heading to your Facebook page.

Create many links that will connect your Facebook page to your main website or other sites where you have interests. This will increase the amount of traffic to your site tremendously. In turn the site’s SEO ranking as well as that of your Facebook page will go up significantly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines the sites that are going to be at the top of a search engine results’ page.

As more people like your page, they will be adding it to their network. This creates more exposure for your business, its products and yourself. Perhaps it is good to close by mentioning that the Facebook likes come in several packages. This depends on the company you buy from. You can buy as many as 5,000 or even 10,000 very easily. With these packages you will get to experiment with the power of the Facebook like button.