How to Add Like Box on Facebook Fan Page To Blogger

How to Add Like Box on Facebook Fan Page To Blogger

What is a like box?

A Facebook fan page or like page is a unique plugin that enables or allows visitors to your blog to subscribe to the updates on your blog through their Facebook accounts, without leaving your blog.
Once the particular visitor has subscribe by pressing the like button, he or she will start receiving the most recent updates of your blog on his or her Facebook account. This Facebook fan page like box displays the individuals who have already liked your blog. Before you can a like box, you should first be having a Facebook fan page. The most valuable thing about the like box is its ability that enables your visitors to become fans of your page without even leaving your site. This enables you to communicate with the visitors after they leave your blog through status updates that will usually appear in their news feed on their Facebook accounts.

Steps involved in adding a like box on Facebook fan page to blogger

Step 1:

First visit your Facebook fan page and copy the address that is in the address bar:

Step 2:

Then visit the like box developer page. The developer page link is as below:

How to Add Like Box on Facebook Fan Page To Blogger

Step 3:

You should then paste the URL you had copied into the Facebook page URL field.

Like box

Step 4:

The next step should be clicking "get code" but before you do that, you can customize the height, width and color scheme of your like box. One thing you should remember is that 292px is smallest width your like box can be. Any smaller width size will result an awkwardly cropped like box.

Step 5:

Customize your like box by considering the following key features:

Show Header. This will enable the like box to display a header that states “find us on Facebook”Show Faces. This feature will be displaying the faces of fans of your page. It enables visitors to see faces of those who have already liked your page including their friends.Stream. This feature will be displaying your most recent posts on your Facebook page. Show Border. This feature will be displaying a border of 1px wide around your like box.

Step 6:

You can now install the Like Box on your site. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your like box, click on the "get code" button.

get code

Step 7:

Once you click this code, three codes will be generated; HTML 5, IFRAME and XFBML. The code required in this case is "IFRAME" you should select it and then copy the code generated in this box.

Step 8:

Log into your blogger account and then go to “layout” .you should then click on the link titled “add a gadget

Step 9:

A pop up window will appear. Scroll down the pop up window and then choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget.

Step 10:

You should then paste the code you had copied earlier in the empty HTML box.

Step 11:

Then click save button and you are done.

The steps above may seem to be many but ideally, they are easy to perform and execute. Do not forget that you need to have a good internent connection while doing this.

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