How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

How to Remove Facebook Advertisements
Many people get annoyed with Facebook advertisements that occupy significant space on their Facebook profile pages and want to Remove Facebook Advertisements from their profile pages to give their Timeline a fresh makeover.

Facebook, the social networking giant already passed the 1 billion mark in mobile active users recently and more accessing it from their desktop and laptops. No wonder advertisement revenue contains the major chunk of Facebook’s total earnings and it showed in their recent Q2 earnings report with nearly $3 billion in profits. This number is ever increasing with more people using it for different purposes.

How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

The best way to remove Facebook advertisements is to either use the X next to ads or alter your Facebook account settings to block those third-party ads from showing up on your profile. Facebook’s recent advertising plans are really irritating these days and if you really miffed with the current Facebook advertising strategy, you might want to exterminate Facebook ads all the time.

While there is no official application that blocks Facebook ads, there are some ads blocking programs available as web browser extensions that help you to discard Facebook ads. These add-ons are available for all popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons to Remove Facebook Advertisements

There are some great add-ons available to block Facebook ads on Mozilla Firefox web browser and if you use Firefox as your main browser, these programs can help you to discard Facebook ads.

1. Adblock Plus

A hugely popular ad blocking program that allows Internet users to view the web as they want. It is an open source program and has customizable filters rich in features used to block any type of ads or malware.

2. Adbye for Facebook

Although not as popular as Adblock Plus, this is another useful add-on to get rid of Facebook ads. This Alfadesigns creation has many positive reviews on the web where people claiming they have successfully remove Facebook ads.

Google Chrome Add-ons to Remove Facebook Advertisements

Google Chrome too has some great add-ons to block ads on its browser. If you are using Google Chrome as your main web browser, then these extensions can help you to exterminate Facebook ads.

1. Adblock Plus

Millions of Google Chrome users use this hugely popular ad-blocking program that exterminate Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Banner ads, etc. and allow Internet users to view an ad free web.

2. Facebook Adblock

This Google Chrome extension removes all kind of Facebook ads and gives you a clean ad free Facebook profile.

3. Facebook Commercial Ads Blocker

A simple Google Chrome add-on that removes commercial ads after the Facebook page loads.


Facebook is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones while you are away from them. However, sometimes too many Facebook ads spoil the fun of interacting and disturb the online activity. The add-ons mentioned above gives you clean and ad free Facebook pages, so that you can continue interacting with your loved ones without spoiling the mood.

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