How to Schedule Facebook Messages? A Quick Look

Schedule Facebook Messages
Are you aware of the fact that Facebook messages can be scheduled for the future? You and your friends can schedule the messages for future, which means that you write a message at any point of time and it will get delivered at the time specified by you.

Is this sound incredible to you? Just come to think of it. If you think that wishing birthday or any other special occasion for your loved ones will be inconvenient at 12’o clock at night, then you can write your message at any time you like and schedule it to get delivered just at the right time.

With the help of Schedule Facebook Messages, you can impress and take care of your dear ones. Given here are the websites which can be joined to schedule your FB messages. Let us have a quick look:

It is a platform to engage with your customers and friends successfully. It measures results and monitors your brand name over the social media channel and FB is one of them.

This is a free-of-cost service which lets you buffer your messages and so that they can be sent in the future whenever needed. Begin by creating messages that you need to send by tonight, tomorrow or at any point of time in the future. You can use this service for sending messages via other social media platforms like Twitter. By scheduling Facebook messages you can remain social all the time wherever you go. You can chalk out your social agenda. You do not have to be glued to your computer screens all the time and can be in touch with the people who matter to you.

Scheduling the FB messages for the future use is a great thing indeed, especially if the occasions like anniversaries, birthdays etc. are round the corner. Besides this, you can also use it for playing pranks. So you can begin scheduling your messages with the help of social tomorrow and start building harmonious relationships with your relatives and friends.


With the help of GrabInbox you can share any web page which you browse across the various social networks. You can even queue up the several links that you want to post at a later date. Once you have installed this extension, you can add a button at the right just beside your Url bar. Using GrabInbox allows you to post links to the multiple social sites and you do not have to open several tabs. You can add your links to the multiple social media sites to have more strong exposure.

What Do You Need?

To avail the feature of Schedule Facebook messages, you need to have a Facebook account which you can use to get connected with it. You can use two ways to post and schedule your update. If a link has to be shared, you can make use of Chrome extension. Alternatively, you can consider using bookmarked if you are making use of another browser. This way a URL will automatically get added to your update.

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