Stop friends tagging me on facebook

Telling someone to stop tagging on Facebook can sometimes come off as rude, but fortunately there is a way to do it on your own. Pictures and even videos that you're in that you don't want your friends to see can easily be blocked or hidden to the list of friends you have.

All it takes is a bit of tweaking in your private settings and you will then be in charge of all the things that show up on your profile. Although you may think it's a tough challenge to fix the tagging issue you have, it happens to be quite an easy and fast task to achieve. The following is a step by step guide on how you can completely be in control of the tags you want to share and the ones you want to stay invisible to everyone.

How to stop friends tagging me on Facebook

To start, open up the Account button for it to show the Privacy Settings option. Under privacy settings you will then see the words "Customize Settings" which is what you have to click on. Inside the customize settings option, scroll down to click on "Things others share" which is a settings you'll be given the option to change. You will see the option of videos and Photos you're tagged in which says "I'm tagged in", and from there click on the drop down list to select the Customize button.

This will then open a pop-up where you could choose who you want to share your tagged photos and videos to. If you don't want anyone to see them, click on the "Only Me" button and it will make all your tagged pictures and videos invisible to all. When you're finished, make sure to click on the save settings button that will show on another pop-up. When you save the settings, people or selected accounts will no longer get to see the videos and photos you are tagged in.

The benefits of controlling your tagged photos and videos

The main benefit is obviously the fact that you will be in your control of the things that show up on your Facebook. There will always be pictures and videos that you do not want your family members or friends to see, and that is why it's a feature that Facebook made sure to add to the privacy section. Some people who are starting their corporate jobs will find this option to be very beneficial. It will allow you to not have to reopen a new Facebook account strictly for business. This will also allow for you to save the pictures and videos on your page without having to share them to the public. If you just want to block your tagged items to a certain amount of people, you can do so by customizing who you want to share them to.

The entire process of hiding your tagged items takes no longer than 5 minutes. If you just want to delete yourself from a specific photo or video you're tagged on, you can simply un-tag your name from the item which takes less than 1 minute to do.

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