How to Make Money Online On Facebook

Make Money Online -  Facebook is one of the social networking services where large numbers of people spend lots of their time daily.

How to Make Money Online On Facebook

You might have undoubtedly heard of this social network if you are one of its 500 million followers from all over the world. The enormous number of fan following allows Facebook to offer you an opportunity to make money online on Facebook in an interestingly easier way.

In fact, marketers focus on the millions of the people who visit this social networking site several times in a day who can be turned into real money. But do you know how it can be possible? You will have to consider Facebook as a market place for your products and services where you can market and sell them to the millions of its followers visiting it times and again every day and make money online on Facebook.

How it can be possible?

In order to make money online on Facebook first of all you will have to open your account with hits social networking site, if you have not done till now. Facebook opens your account free within few minutes. Now you have to set up your Facebook page which needs some of your attention and time. You must try to make your Facebook page attractive by optimizing it so that search engines as well as Facebook visitors get attracted to it.

Your next step is to start your online business by using Facebook as an excellent platform for this purpose. You can get large number of customers through Facebook as in terms of popularity after Google it stands on second position. You optimize your Facebook page by using a number of affordable ads available on this social network and get quality leads. In this way, Facebook allows you to make money online on Facebook within your budget, without spending extravagantly on it.

Facebook does not offer a quick earning plan. You will have to spend your time and energy as an investment to build the audience for your products and services and make money online on Facebook. Nothing is going to happen overnight as you can attract Facebook fans in a gradual manner by spending time for learning about them and interacting with them. You can easily figure out the interests of the Facebook visitors and the kind of products and services they usually require in their day to day life by understanding them.

Different ways to make money on Facebook

Blogging: If writing is your passion then you can attract Facebook visitors by start writing blogs. You can in this way keep these visitors engaged with you and convert them into real buyer of your products and services.

Sell space for ads: After attracting visitors to your Facebook page you can sell space for ads on it through various advertising networks including Google AdSense etc.

Initiating direct sales: On your Facebook page you can post affiliate links regarding your products and services. These links will enable Facebook visitors to buy your products and services through your online store and make money online on Facebook. You can also convert Facebook visitors into your customers as well as distributors for your products and services by building relationship with them through this social network.

Using Facebook applications: Facebook offers a number of applications which you can install and use to make money line on Facebook through the traffic attracted t your Facebook page. Some of these applications include:

- Shopit: You can add a free store to your Facebook page through this social commercial network which allows you to buy and sell the products and services.

- CafePress: You can sell not only your products and services through this app but of others also.

- Radical Buy: You can sell approximately everything through this unique Facebook app. You can make your products visible to other Facebook users instantly by listing them on it and it works like various other commercial sites like eBay. You can also offer commission to other Facebook users to sell your products through their Facebook page.

- Create and sell apps: You can also make money online on Facebook if you have some technical knowledge and innovative mindset. You can create and sell Facebook apps of your own.

Thus, you can make money online on Facebook by signing upon it and creating a well optimized page to attract traffic to it.