How to manage your Facebook account after you die ?

Facebook social network’s new feature:

Facebook is offering its users control over what takes place to the accounts when they die. The Facebook rolled out a new feature that let the users to assign or select a particular friend who will be able to contact the account after they die. This new feature known as legacy contact looks in security settings menu. In that menu you can choose a particular friend to control some aspects of the page such as your header image and profile after you die. On the other hand, users can also choose to get the account removed after they die. The Facebook network already contains a memorialisation system in location where people can allow Facebook understand a user has die.

Legacy contact:

Once the social network checks that individual has died normally by a news article or an obituary, the account turns memorialized. These accounts do not emerge in friend recommendation, ads or other places on Facebook. With the new feature, this network is carrying the process of memorialisation a step further. After the Facebook account memorialized, a legacy contact is to fasten posts to the page top, respond to friend requests incoming and control the header image and also profile on the account. Moreover, they can easily download an achieve of the Facebook account holder photos and also other posts, if offered permission by the real user,. Legacy contacts cannot be able to see messages or change other setting in the facebook account. Facebook network is also doing some alterations to the look of the memorialized account that will contain a remembering label prior the name to allow others understand it is an account of someone who has already die.

Managing ones accounts by friends and family member:

The aim, based on the product manager of Facebook is to create it more that accounts have been memorialized and offer a path for family members as well as friends to manage the special ones accounts. Facebook is creating it easier to think for your online after you die. Facebook announced that it will now allow users choose somebody who can deal with the Facebook account after they passed away. In the earlier days, the accounts were memorialized or locked after death hence no one could sign in the account. The social network says the Facebook account holder need more options, the users can choose a legacy account to publish on the page after they passed away, react to latest friend requests and upgrade the profile photos and cover photo. Users can get the accounts removed after the death that was impossible before. If you need someone to handle your account afterlife, find security settings get the option to remove the legacy account.

Delete the account when you do not want:

If you are not interested in this, you can also permanently remove the account when you passed away. The friend you pick to handle your Facebook account will not be informed of your option till the Facebook is memorialized. But you can pick to send that particular friend a message now. Facebook accounts are memorialized at the propose of the special ones, who should give proof of the individual’s death like an obituary. This social network attempts to make convinced that the account of the dead Facebook account holder does not give as a suggested friend or in other methods that could annoy the individual’s special ones. It is tough to think about the world still becoming after you die. But the sun, moon and stars will continue to rise and perform their work and Facebook will still be residence to cat videos. But what about the Facebook profiles? Only when you have shared the password to your family member or special friend they can be able to view your account if not the accounts will be locked out.

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Facebook has been considering this problem for number of year, it let the people to change the profile of deceased account users in to memorial pages. It is now including a new choice that Facebook account holder can choose before to their death called a legacy account or contact. It redesigned memorial profiles by including the word remembering on the person’s name that is passed away and will let a legacy account to fix a post to the top of the timeline. Other settings will stay as it is as you left. In the year 2013, Google has done a same move when it introduced the inactive account manager, helping account users to know what they need to perform with the Gmail messages and other services after they passed away.

Best option for the family member to see their loved ones Facebook account profile:

Till today the Facebook social network has given a fundamental memorialized account for those who die. This was looked but could not be handled by anyone; hence today’s steps create things highly flexible. This method was very useful and beneficial to the families who have missed someone. They can be able to see the deceased person’s photos and other messages even after his or her death. This will help the family members or friends to get back the memories again about the deceased person. Already Facebook account has large number of users till today. This new feature legacy contact will surely attract more users.

There is also a chance for Facebook to get more users further. It is a great service from Facebook social network. It has already provided many attractive options to its users; this option will surely attract more users. Facebook that contains more 1.4 billion users will not tell the numbers of accounts are memorialized, even though the product manager of Facebook Vanessa callison Burch told there have been large numbers of requests from special ones to perform this option. Users can surely choose this option from Facebook to get the memories of their loved ones. There is no wonder to say that this definitely happen, because it is a great option that Facebook has offered to its users.