8 Simple Steps to Making Money Online Using TeeSpring

Making Money Online

Making money online has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it can be an incredibly successful business plan, if you're doing it right. However, it might be hard to know where to start because there are a million different websites telling you how to build a business online. Well, you may have found a solution because it doesn't get much simpler than using Teespring combined with Facebook ads to make a quick and easy profit.

Video TeeSpring Facebook Ads Campaign

Graphically designed T-shirts is a currently booming business, especially with online markets, and if you have even limited Photoshop skills, you could be selling T-shirts by the end of the day, and be making a nice profit from it. Teespring offers a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in designing and selling T-shirts, combine this service with Facebook Ads and you suddenly have an online business with a lot of potential. Here's how it works:

Getting Started with Teespring

If you are not familiar with Teespring, it's a company that allows users to design their own T-shirts, for free, but the shirts won't be printed until you hit the sales goal that you created when setting up the campaign. So, if your goal is to sell 20 shirts, your shirts won't ship out until you have sold 20 shirts. But creating your specially designed T-shirts, that actually sale, is way easier than you might think,.

Here's how you set up your first campaign:

1. First, you will need to crank out a couple of designs for your T-shirt on Photoshop or other photo editing software. Designing a shirt takes minimal technical skills, however if you aren't comfortable with photo editing, or you simply don't want to take the time to design it yourself, you can hire a graphic designer from one of the popular freelancing sites, like Elancer.com, for a minimal cost.

2. Once you have your T-shirt design ready to go, it's time to set up your first campaign on Teespring.com, an incredibly simply and easy process. You will be asked to set a sale's goal, which will then be used to calculate the cost of printing each shirt. The higher you set your sale's goal, the cheaper it becomes to actually print each shirt, effectively increasing your profits depending on how much you think you can sale.

3. Next, you will want to set a reasonable price each customer will pay for your T-shirt. Choosing the right price is essential as it will determine your profits. Set the price too high, nobody is going to pay. Set the price too low, you won't make a profit. So, I would suggest shooting for something around $19.99, which tends to be the going rate for these kind of shirts.

4. Then, you will choose the colors your T-shirt will be available in and pick from different designs. Though, each color you choose makes the printing costs go up, lowering your profits. But, you want to make sure your customers have some variety to choose from. Again, it's all about finding a balance and learning what works for your specific campaign.

And that's it, you're done with setting up your campaign. Super easy right? Now it's time to sale them, using Facebook ads.

Sell Your Shirt with Facebook Ads

Ok, so you've got your T-shirt designed and now it's time to start making a profit from your hard work. The next step involves marketing your T-shirts using Facebook Ads, a simple yet proven way to successfully sale Teespring T-shirts.

Recent changes to Facebook ads have changed the game a little, but these changes aren't stopping others from making serious money. For instance, you can no longer use the 'custom audience' feature which allowed you specifically target a certain audience using names. However, there are plenty of other ways to customize your ads to reach a specific demographic. Follow these simple steps, and your T-shirts will start flying off the virtual shelves:

5. Start by choosing the right audience to reach, consider who will want to buy your T-shirt, then cater your Facebook ads to those people as much as possible. For instance, if you are selling a T-shirt for a local sports team, make sure you ads are only targeted for people in your local area. Or, if you design a T-shirt with a sexy woman on it, make sure your ad will only be shown to males of a certain age. Failing to accurately target your audience will cause you to lose money on useless advertising costs, and you wont sell any T-shirts either.

6. Next you will have to set the amount you pay for every time somebody clicks your ad. Setting an appropriate CPC value is critical to your success when selling your T-shirts from Teespring. Setting a CPC value too low causes Facebook to lower your visibility because they want to make money, and they only make money if you set a decent CPC value. But, setting it too high causes your costs to quickly sky-rocket, ruining your chances of a good profit.

7. Setting the right daily limit is also just as important as CPC value. However, this might be a trial and error process, but start with a $10 or $20 daily limit and play around with the CPC values to find your sweet spot. Spending too much on ad costs will quickly run profits into the ground. Even if you hit your sales goal of $400, you could end up spending $300 on ad costs if you do not carefully track your expenses along the way. The goal is to get as much exposure as possible with the least amount of money, and finding the balance between CPC value and daily ad limits is the trick to achieving that goal.

8. Once you have started to get a good grip on what works and what doesn't, you can start fresh and new Facebook ad campaigns with other T-shirts using the knowledge you have gained, and thus avoiding any mistakes you made with the first campaign.

As I said earlier, graphic T-shirts is a booming market, but it's important to find out if your T-shirt has mass appeal, Otherwise, you could spend a lot of time and effort to be disappointed with low, or even worse, no sales. There is a ton of research out there letting you know exactly what people are looking for in a T-shirt. So, researching what has worked for other people, which designs are currently trending, and what has proven to be tried and true marketing campaigns could be the deciding factor in your success.

Even though it may take a bit of trial and error on your part, using Teespring combined with Facebook can be a powerful tool to make your dreams of making money online become a reality. Get started today, and you could have your first T-shirt sales by tomorrow.